Naturalization Index for Canada

Canadian emigrants With the United states bordering the nation of Canada to the north and many immigrates from European nations first arriving in Canada before later moving to the United States, the Naturalization Index Records for Canada can be very useful.

It is online and broken into naturalization records from 1915 to 1939 and another section going from 1939 to 1951, overall quite a few years represented. It is easy to search, even just a surname can be entered. If it is a common family name, one or two of the an ancestor’s given names can be added. Or place what country (homeland) the person originated from before traveling to Canada. Doing the name ‘Jones’ produced 204 names for the period 1915 to 1939. Now that surname could be included for a married lady as her married or maiden name. So always do search using all names.  You do the same for the 1939-1951 search box.  Do check both.

Once you have a name that might be your relative, click on the ‘item number’. The full index will then appear. It includes full names including given. There is the year the person was naturalized in Canada – not entered. The reference notice states where the source of information was from along with the page it was listed.

Click the link just above to view the PDF link to seeing the full page with the ancestor listed. Use the tool bar at the bottom to enlarge and find the ancestor’s name. Here would be their occupation, if they were a child, where they would live permanently in Canada and usually the exact date they became naturalized.

This can be very helpful and one you should check if there is the slight possibly a relative moved to Canada. Many people did, during things of economic hardships or wars. True, they may have moved back to their homeland or to the United States years later, but their being in Canada might explain why you can’t locate that ancestor for a period of time.

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