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A big collection of newspapers from across the state of Georgia are now available from the Digital Library of Georgia. These are search-able articles which can be viewed free online from the Georgia Historic Newspapers database. With nearly 54,000 pages of newspaper articles going from 1780s to more recent times – 1990s. The dates vary on the region of Georgia you are searching.

You can search by regions of Georgia or use the overall search box at the top to cover the whole state. If you find a newspaper of interest after placing a search keyword or name it will be highlighted in red, making it easier to locate on the page. There are tools at the top to clip the page of the article to save to your computer, transcript to text or save as a PDF file.  

Very easy database to use. Search also for businesses, schools or churches that may have ties to your ancestors. If you have any Georgia ancestors you will want to bookmark this Georgia database.

Another addition to is the naturalization records for residents in the counties of Ohio. These dates run from 1800 to 1977, but they do vary depending on which county courthouse. There are nearly 1.1 million records available.

Just place a surname and add a given name if the family name is common. Keep in mind these records are those individual not born in America but rather in another country and later became US citizens in Ohio.

If a person is located the form has been scanned and you can enlarge it to read the details. You can print a copy or download it to your computer.

Naturalization records can have a good deal of information and free to use. Birthdate and location, occupation, where they lived as of the naturalization, physical description, when did they come to America, which port and on what ship.  

The key is that the relative got his naturalization papers in Ohio, even if the person lived in another state before or after naturalization.

Photos: May 23, 1936 photo and article about a long-time Columbia church; and 1925 naturalization record for Sidney Kershaw who arrived in 1910 from England.

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