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It is useful to keep up with the newest databases available with site. Here are four that could prove very useful in your research. On each that you search you can click on the ‘details’ icon or go directly to the scanned image, showed with a ‘camera’ icon.  Click on each bolded topic to call up the database.

Pensions filed by Confederate Veterans – Widows in Florida

fs-waltonPeople don’t always associate Civil War veterans (Union or Confederacy) with Florida. However, many Florida men did fight for either side in the 1860s, especially on the Confederate side. When pension for their service was offered, it would include not only who were living in Florida (mostly the northern portion) in the 1860s but those who moved there in the decades that followed. So you might have had an ancestor who would have gotten a Confederate pension and lived later in Florida. That includes a widow of a Confederate veteran. There are over 100,000 images of the application filled out by veterans or widows. The scanned applications provide information on the veteran’s military unit, dates, and special information on their service. Looking up the surname of Walton produced 86 applications.

Iowa State Census for 1905

fs-grafAny ancestors in Iowa in 1905 you will need to check this site. It has each individual recorded on a single card which includes name, age, and place of birth. The cards are filed alphabetically by county, then by surname of the individual. There are nearly 2.2 million of these scanned images on the database. It provides the person’s full name, approximate birth year, where they were born, if married/single/widowed, their home address, their employment and especially interesting what state the person’s parents were born. Also included is the number of years the person lived in Iowa.

Boston Passenger Lists 1899-1940

fs-kershawNot all immigrates arrived at a New York port. Many also came into the Port of Boston. This database has ship arrives and passengers from 1899 to 1940 arriving at the Port of Boston. Not every year with every ship is available. There are over 579,000 images filled with information. Full names will be written, arrival date and some with their date of birth. Always look the full list of ship passengers for any family members (maybe with a different surname) also traveling.

WW 2 Draft Registrations in 1942

fs-everhartWith the outbreak of World War Two there were draft registrations to build the American military service. It would be for younger men, those age 45 and younger. However, the government knew it had to be prepared and also did in 1942 a registration of men born between 1877 and 1897, who would be ages 45 to 64 years old. That did not mean that a male ancestor at age 60 in 1942 would soon be on the field of battle. If needed, they would be servicing in America at a desk job freeing up a younger man to go overseas. So if you had any males ancestors born between 1877 and 1897, this would be the site to investigate. This database has over 19.3 million images. Since it covers the full United States, searching some ancestral surnames and given names may produce some additions to your family tree. Besides the full name, their birth date is there, where their home is located, where they are employed and their next to kid. A nice addition is their signature, a good item to add tot he family history. Make sure to use the arrow to go to the next image which provides information on the person’s height, hair and eye color and if they have any disabilities.

All of the images for any of the databases can be downloaded to your computer.

Photos: Fl Pension for Geo. H. H. Walton; Iowa 1905 census for William Graf; Herbert Kershaw arriving to Boston in 1907 (born in England in 1883); and Richard C. Everhart born 1878.

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