New Edition of Popular Genealogy Guide Now Available

Genealogists who are putting together their family tree often rely on records that can be found on the internet. After exhausting those resources, some genealogists will see out vital records from courthouses and churches. In addition, there are some great genealogy books out there that can help. One of the best known genealogy books now has a brand new edition.

The first edition of “The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy” was published in 1973. It sold 1,000 copies. Since then, 110,000 copies of subsequent editions have been sold.

The newest edition of “The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy”, the fourth edition, is now available. It is written by Val D. Greenwood, the author of previous editions of the book. It is a 794-page, illustrated, indexed, softcover book. The ISBN is 978-0-8063-2066-3. If you want to purchase this book, you must buy it from the Genealogical Publishing Co. (the only place it is being sold). The cost is $49.95 plus postage and handling.

There is plenty of information about the fourth edition of “The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy” on the Genealogical Publishing Co. website. Here is part of the description of the book:

“Research in family history has experienced unprecedented changes since the year 2000, when the 3rd edition of this book was published – changes surpassing anything that most of us even dreamed of at that time. These changes have come about because of the significant technological advances that have greatly facilitated genealogy research.”

“This new 4th edition of “The Researchers Guide” had been completely updated, incorporating all the latest developments, principles, and resources relevant to family history research. There are now two chapters about technology as it relates to family history research – one dealing with significant concepts and definitions and the other with specific resources and applications, including major family history websites and internet resources. In addition, virtually every chapter provides information on Internet websites pertinent to the subject discussed in that chapter.”

There is a chance that your local genealogy association, or the genealogy section of your local library might have a copy of this book. “The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy” only comes in paperback – and does not appear to be offered in a digital format.

If you are feeling generous, you might want to make a bulk purchase of several copies of the book. Donate some copies to your local library’s genealogy section. The genealogists in your area might not be aware that the new edition has been released.

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