New Items First Shown in 1893 World's Fair

The early World Fairs have been placed to showcase the newest innovations and inventions to all audiences. There was always a variety of the newest foods, items, fun activities, etc to interest the public. This was especially true of the 1893 Fair held in Chicago, often referred to as the fair that changed America. Some 27 million people attended, maybe even some of your ancestors.

Some of the more interesting items your ancestors learned about and experienced if they did attend the 1893 Fair or learned from other visitors include the following.

The public experienced a moving walkway for the first time. It was made of wooden planks and helped the people move along the Casino Pier and a scenic experience of the nearby water. There were two parts to it, one with benches so people could sit as the benches as they were moved or instead take the moving walkway.

Another new item that would be popular for decades was the Ferris Wheel. A giant metal machine with seats was designed by George W. Gale Ferris Jr. After 1893 this Ferris Wheel was moved to St. Louis in Missouri for the 1905 World’s Fair. From this type of entertainment in 1893, Coney Island in NY had a Ferris Wheel also.

Surprising items for your ancestors at the 1893 Fair was chewing gum. It was by Juicy Fruit gum with banana and pineapple flavors. Also introduced were Shredded Wheat, Cream of wheat and Pabst Blue ribbon beer.

A big new experience was the Electricity Building at the Chicago Fair showcasing many types of electric lamps. Very unusual was the massive display of fluorescent lights that did illuminate the main areas of the Fair at night. People were impressed.

A few other items included the zipper, voice recordings, Aunt Jemima syrup and pancake mix, Cracker Jack, the hamburger and elevators.

Photo: Aerial view of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair.

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