New Jersey Databases

A vast assortment of databases are available online for anyone doing research in New Jersey. It was done by the State of New Jersey Archives and is quite complete.

Some of the categories include: Indexes of marriage from 1666-1799 and May 1848 through May 31, 1878 in New Jersey with about 320,000 records; Death and burial records cover from June 1878 to June 1890 with 312,000 records.

State court case can provide a good deal of previous unknown information on a relative. So there is the New Jersey Supreme Court cases and indexes for 1704-1844. This has 155,000 such cases.

One area people don’t think to check are any legal name changes done by a relative. Review this database which has about 92,000 such changes.

The NJ state census records for 1885 are very valuable because the federal censuses between 1880 and 1900 covers 20 years, with the 1890 census destroyed. This has 62,000 entries.

NJ national guard Military records are always a good source. New Jersey has Civil War and World War I records to review. Plus photos of NJ men who served in the state National Guard. Photos of just the national guard in New Jersey covering 1880s to 1920 is invaluable, something not often located.

Photo: Charles F. W. Myers, Major and Surgeon, First Battalion, New Jersey National Guard- approximately 1880s to 1900.

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