New Jersey State Census 1895

Any relatives from New Jersey? Be sure to investigate what is available with FamilySearch for the State Census done in 1895 for New Jersey. There are over 31,000 images in the collection.

There is a complete index of information from the census pages plus a scanned image of the actual census as it was originally handwritten. This 1895 census covers all the counties of New Jersey.

Each census record is all the people living at the time in that household, so sister-in-laws, grandmothers or all the children could be listed for being related to the head of household. Information of ages, home location and even those born in NJ could be on the census page.

You can save to your computer either the transcribed index and / or the scanned image of the census page.  

Photos: Thomas L. Sherman of Camden, NJ; Map of counties in NJ and Benjamin Rue of Middlesex, NJ

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