New Orleans Research

The New Orleans Public Library has a massive collection of fascinating records and especially photos online. Most are centered in and around the city of New Orleans, but some of the outlining parishes are also in the collection. If any ancestors had lived in New Orleans, you will want to review this material.

There is a general search box at the top. Here place a surname, a street, a building, business or general area. Putting in ‘French Quarter’ produced 265 items and the surname of ‘Bowman’ had 67 items. On Bowman there were several photos, the register of his freed slaves, a marriage index record from the 1850s and a patient admitted to an asylum. Several of the available records deal with orphans of the city and where they were housed. These records titled ‘Records of the Disposition of Destitute Orphans’, covers from 1852 to 1893. Searching ‘Franklin Ave’ had 73 images of the street over different time periods.

Going to the massive 6/11/12

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