New Relationship Diagram on MyHeritage

MyHeritage has Introduced a New Relationship Diagram. When you add people to your family tree, their relationships to you are calculated automatically. The relationship is then shown anywhere on the MyHeritage site where the names of your site members and people in your tree appear.

In the past, you would see the relationship listed for that individual written out – such as a third cousin once removed, or a second cousin’s husband – but it was often difficult to visualize more complex relationships when you aren’t very familiar with the people connecting you to this relative.

With the recent release of the improved family tree on MyHeritage, the company introduced a new relationship diagram that enables you to visualize your relationship to other people in the family tree and easily understand how you are related. The relationship diagram is accessible from the left-hand details panel in the family tree.

The newly updated family tree, and in particular, the new relationship diagram, have received high praise from MyHeritage users since their release.

MyHeritage is happy to announce that the diagram has now been added to other locations throughout the family site, such as the Discoveries and Photos pages. The diagram is especially useful for very large trees, where you have so many people to keep track of. It can also be helpful when relatives that you don’t know have been added to the family tree by other site members.

For example, your cousins may have added a new photo and tagged people in the family tree that you don’t recognize. You can now simply click on the relationship to understand where they fit into your family tree.

Here is how to find the relationship diagram in its new locations:

Under the Discoveries tab, every time the name of a person who is in your tree appears along with their relationship to you, that relationship will be clickable. This includes the “Matches by people” page, which displays all the people in your family tree who have Smart Matches and/or Record Matches, and also the “Match by Source” page, which lists your Smart Matches and Record Matches according to their source.

You can easily tag family members in photos you have uploaded to MyHeritage by clicking on their face in the photo, typing their name, and selecting the from the drop-down list that appears. Then, whenever you view that photo, you’ll be able to identify the faces in the photo, and a list will appear on the right containing the names and profile photos of any family member you have tagged in this photo.

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