New Resources For FamilySearch Center Volunteers And Workers

FamilySearch’s goal is to make genealogical resources more accessible, engaging, and easy to use. As FamilySearch centers 

provide resources to patrons all over the world, volunteers and staff members at these centers need some fundamental resources to maintain each center and help patrons have great experiences when visiting.

FamilySearch has a new learning page for FamilySearch center volunteers, staff, and directors. This web page provides comprehensive learning resources to help center workers serve guests with individualized attention when using It gathers many of the resources staff and volunteers are used to using in one place, so that each is easier to find.

Single Destination – Be Sure to Log In!

Everyone can access the FamilySearch Center Workers and Volunteers Learning Resources page and see the basic learning courses. Additional resources are also available, depending on you role as a FamilySearch center worker, volunteer, or director. When visiting this page, be sure to log in to see all of the links available to you. These resources are approved and ready to use.

You can also find the new page in the Help and Learning Center by looking for the FamilySearch Centers link in the “Find help by topic” section. Once on the topic page, find FamilySearchCenter Workers and Volunteers Learning Resources in the listed resources.

Learning Made Easy

Previously, center workers and volunteers would have search through the Help and Learning Center to find instructions on how to help a patron with a specific problem.

The Learning Lessons in the Quick Start section on the new page take some of the most commonly used knowledge articles and organize them into lessons. The structured path is designed for family history novices and experts alike, to increase their skills and proficiency in navigating More experienced workers can easily pick and choose which lessons are useful to them, while beginners can choose to go through each one – in or out of order.

The Learning Videos offer educational content related to each topic, including presentations from RootsTech. Each presentation, curated by experts in the field, provides a comprehensive understanding of a specific subject.

Additional Resources – Essential Guides and Upcoming Features

For center workers and volunteers who are logged in, the Additional Resources section has several important links, described below.

FamilySearch Center Operations Guide: The operations guide details necessary information for any worker, volunteer, consultant, or director involved in FamilySearch center operations.

Center Tools (Coming Soon!): Tailored for FamilySearch center directors, the Center Tools portal affords essential information, guidance and reporting in one easily accessible location.

FamilySearch Center Equipment (Coming Soon!): Large FamilySearch Centers sometimes have specialized equipment. This page will help provide description of how to use the equipment (sometimes including videos) and information about troubleshooting equipment problems.

Dive In Today

Whether you want to sharpen your own family history skills or aid others in their family history journey, the FamilySearch Center Workers and Volunteers Learning Resources page can be your best companion. Dive in and distribute the wealth of knowledge contained in the learning resources as you help yourself and others continue to discover and connect with their ancestors.

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