New Year - New Goals for your Family Tree


ideas - brick wallWith the beginning of 2016, it is great to look over what you have and what you still need to do about collecting and putting together information.

Look over the following 5 Goals to see what you may not be doing:

1. Locate a ‘Surname’ genealogical research group online – usually Facebook is a good place to start. You would immediately have that surname in common and could share findings or discover something new.

ideas-1840~muss,sarah wagoner2. Take the time to scan yourself, or ask a relative (nephews and nieces for example) to scan that box of family photos. Label each image then, so you know each photo. Once done, back it up with a thumbnail drive or external drive and keep in another location. So will be so glad you have those preserved.

3. Check if there is a local genealogical society and join their membership. They tend to have a good deal of resources, no matter what your ancestral hometown was and are always willing to share. They also generally have guest speakers – experts in genealogical research.

4. Locate an ancestral home. With many branches on your tree, you do have many selections. Choose one and research the branch and check city directories, deeds, Wills, to see if you can find the location of the home. ideas - 1900-groff homeContact the hometown museum or city hall to see if that home is still standing. Another idea for assistance is RAOGK site. See if a person in that hometown is willing to check if the house is still there and take a photo for you. If you can locate also who lives in it presently, even better. With the mailing address, write them asking to share information of your family who lived there and ask what they know of the house in more recent times. This is a very valuable project to add fascinating information for your family history.ideas-1900~Bix,Eve

5. Never give up in your research. True, we all hit that ‘brick wall’, but being patience and trying many different approaches could lead to success. If you have not tried it, go with the idea of researching siblings of the ancestor you are searching. It has proved an invaluable method for many people.ideas - coat of arms

Photos: Brick wall; 1840 photo of Sarah Wagoner Musselman; Groff home in Frederick, MD; Eva Bixler in 1900; typical coat of arms for surname; and have patience.

ideas - patience

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