New Years Day Postcards

New Yrs-girlThe tradition of sending postcards was equal to sending Emails, Twitters or Facebook messages today. It was a simple and easy way to stay in touch, express feelings and an offer of something pretty, funny or charming for a friend of family member to have. The hay day of sending postcards was from the 1890s to the 1920s.

Every holiday, season or special event offered an opportunity to send a colorful postcard. One of the favorite times was for the first day of a new year. Most postcards were drawings especially of children or cute scenes. New Yrs-1918However, of special interest would be those that were a photo of a real place or person. The example of a group of people at the warm beach on New Years Day in 1918 is a great sampling. The wishing of a happy new year and to show those back home they knew how to enjoy themselves.

Here is a sampling of some typical New Years’ Day postcards, yet each very different. Check what might in your family collection of artifacts.

New Yrs-clock

New Yrs-1910

New Yrs-1911

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