New York Achievements – Part 1

Each state in the United States is well-known for certain attractions and interesting facts about it. The following bits of trivial for the state of New York and NYC are not as well known to the general public. If this is your home state or that of an ancestor you now have some interesting tidbits of information about New York to add to your family history.

There is more to the State of New York than the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and the NY Yankees. In NYC and locations throughout New York there are some fascinating information for natives and tourists alike. Great to add to the family history if you have ancestors from the state.

The Population as of 2019 of the city of New York is about 18,500,000.

New York City was originally just Manhattan but by 1898 five boroughs were created from surrounding counties to become one large city.

The New York City subway system uses over 800 miles of track.

A daily newspaper originally established by Alexandra Hamilton is called The New York Post and has been in operation since November 1801. Its original title was New York Evening Post. Hamilton with his own investment of $10,000 was assisted by other investors in establishing the newspaper. It is the nation’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper.

In New York City there are 27,000 as of 2018 restaurant businesses. Lombardi’s Pizza is the oldest pizzeria in NYC. Opened in 1905, it has been recognized by the Pizza Hall of Fame as the first pizzeria in the United States.

Central Park in Manhattan, New York City, opened up in 1858 in the heart of this large city and completed in 1876. At 1.32 sq. miles (843 acres) in size it is larger than Monaco, the sovereign city-state (.77 sq. mile) along the coast of France. When it was created some 264 people were evicted from the community they called Seneca Village, their homes destroyed and land taken.

Commercial factory-made toilet paper was developed in December 1857 in New York City by Joseph Gayetty. At that time Gayetty was attacked as a quack by at least one medical society. For 500 flat sheets, it cost 50 cents. His business was the sole producer until 1890.

New York City known as ‘The Big Apple’ got that nickname in the 1920s. It referred to the prizes (large apples) rewarded at the many racing courses in and around NYC. The nickname became official in 1971 to attract tourists. Other nicknames include: The City That Never Sleeps, Empire City, and Gotham.

There are 529,303 millionaire households in New York State at the beginning of 2018. New York City has one million millionaires, more than any other city in the world, with the wealthiest living in the Upper East Side / Carnegie Hill. A good salary in New York City is $150,000 a year.

Photos: New York Post; Five Boroughs; 1857 toilet paper; and Central Park.

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