New York Achievements - Part 2

A non-denominational church, known as Cross Island Chapel in Oneida, NY is only 3 ½ feet by 6 feet in size – the smallest church in the world. It sits on a wooden platform floating in the center of a pond. It can seat 5 people and was built in 1989. Because it is difficult to access it, appointments must be made ahead of time for services or ceremonies performed in the church.

The Genesee River flows in a north to south direction. It is a tributary of Lake Ontario, begins in northern Pennsylvania in Potter County and flows northward, emptying into Lake Ontario near Rochester. Its length is 157 miles and features several large falls.

New York is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, many large lakes and has thousands of rivers throughout the state.

The Population of the State of New York is about 19.5 million people in 2019.

The biggest farm occupation centers around dairy farming with milk cows on 18,000 farms. Crops that are grown include hay and corn for the livestock. Also potatoes, oats, wheat and soybeans for people.

New York had the first running railroad system, running 11 miles from Albany to Schenectady, NY.

There are 70,000 miles of rivers and streams throughout the State of New York.

New York has 400 wineries and 1,631 family vineyards across the state. They produce 175 million bottles of wine a year.

In Highlands, New York has the highest and longest pedestrian bridge. Its name is Walkway Over the Hudson and is a steel cantilever bridge. It stretches 1 ¼ miles in length and rises 212 feet above the Hudson River. What was once an old double track railroad bridge, built in December 1888, became in October 2009 a pedestrian walkway. It is the world’s second -longest pedestrian footbridge.

The state fruit is the apple and has been grown in the area since the 1600s when European settlers brought with them seeds to grow apples. Also, the state muffin is an apple muffin.

Required auto license plates began in 1901 in New York. At first, the plates were made by the owners of vehicles. Later they were government made and issued.

Photos: Smallest Church; Genesee River; and Walkway Over the Hudson.

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