New York City 1930s in Photos

NYC hot dog standSeeing photos of the places our ancestors lived, worked and spent their lives is always fascinating. Additional photos taken during the 1930s for New York City are now available online with the New York Public Library Digital Collections.  NYC-huts 1935

These are some wonderful black and white photos of all types of places, businesses and streets. If you had any ancestors in the city of New York during the 1930s, you have to examine these images.

These are scenes from the most impressive office buildings, to simple family run shops to even small huts that some people called ‘home’. A brief description is under each photo. Click on any of interest the photo enlarges and there are more details.NYC-automat

This series has about 334 images to view. Any interesting photos, just right click on the image to copy it to your computer.  NYC-A&P

Photos: 1930s-Hot Dog Stand, West St. and North Moore, Manhattan; 1935-Huts and unemployed, West Houston and Mercer St., Manhattan; 1930s Automat, 977 Eighth Avenue, Manhattan; Prices of groceries at A & P (Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.), 246 Third Avenue, Manhattan.

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