New York City in 1911

Imagine being to see in a silent film the daily lives of the residents and visitors to New York City in 1911. That is 107 years ago!! It is just over 7 ½ minutes covering the streets of New York, just some fascinating footage of the people of all different walks, their transportation (note from automobiles, streetcars to horse and carriage), the fashion of men and women (wearing hats), with most people walking to their home or work.

If you had ancestors in the heart of New York City in 1911, this is quite a gem. What better method to see their type of lifestyle. You have your own type of ‘time machine’ with this preserved footage

Even if your ancestors did not live in New York City in 1911, but rather a few years earlier or later, it would have been very similar. That is also true if you had ancestors living in 1911 in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, or any other large city. My father and his family came to Boston from England in 1912, so even this film of NYC provides some sense of the life he came to. Amazing.

Many of the locations shown are still in existence – the Flatiron Building for example. Population numbers have changed. In 1911 there were a little more than 9 million people in NYC. In 2018 the number is almost 20 million.

You don’t see snow, so it may have been shot in the spring or fall season.

So take some time, view the film and see the lifestyle of your ancestors.

Photos: Scenes from the 1911 film.

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