New York Employment Cards 1840-1966

Such an interesting collection of the state of New York’s employment cards covering 1840 to 1966 plus peddlers’ licenses from the NY State Archives. This search-able database is newly added to

A good start with any names of relatives who may have worked at a State of New York job (hospitals, schools, public health, public works, etc). A person’s full name is listed, the N. Y. county they worked in, their job, when they started and when they ended that job. Even a reason is given, such as they resigned, they were removed or they died. Some even ‘removed’ from the position.

Seeing some of the types of jobs along with the pay the person received for a week or month is fascinating. With such a broad range of dates 1840-1966 you might be able to find generations. However, there are not as many employment cards for the years 1840-1890, many more of these records for beyond 1890 up to 1966.

You just might be able to locate some details on an ancestor you never knew. Even if no relatives are located, due check just a family surname, the discovery of a possible relative might happen.

Plus the just the opportunity to see the different type of jobs and the pay an individual received at a specific time frame is also fascinating. If you know an ancestor did a specific type of job but not in New York but rather another state, it will still provide some basic information on pay scale at that time.

A good collection to check on

Photos: Employment Records: Individuals and jobs in 1907-1912, 1910-1912; 1920 and 1920-1921.

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