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Music-orchestraYou might think, there really is such a collection? Yes, a large collection of photos of conductors and performers over the decades has now become digital and online.

However, not just photos but most of the sheet music and programs performed by the orchestra. The Digital Archives of the New York Philharmonic features images, programs, scores, parts along with business documents. Of the most value to any researcher will be the photos of those connected with the orchestra over the decades. There are some 16,369 images.

Using the search box, you can place just a surname and a date range. The images span many different years and will have rehearsal, candid shots as well as portraits. If an image is located of interest from the thumbnails you can click on it to enlarge it. Here will be written any information relating to the photo.

Music-FranzNow this can be a good source, especially if you had a relative in the musical field. Even if you have no knowledge of such a relative, they might have been and this will help provide proof. The major drawback is that you can not download an image or a program. They will help provide information with an email addressed offered and then might send you a scanned digital copy.

Music-orchestra program

With so much information, there just might a treasure chest filled with some information relating to your ancestor.

Photos (used a screen print for illustration of the blog): ), Sir John Barbirolli orchestra performance in the 1930s (1899 to 1975 – Johnwas a British conductor and cellist. He performed with the New York Philharmonic from 1936 to 1943) Franz Allers (1905-1995 – Czech-Austrian conductor who came to the United States and known for his work with ballet, opera, Broadway musicals, film scores, and symphony orchestras and Program from May 23, 1943 the summer broadcast concert in Manhatten, NY.


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