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The state of New York has a long history, being one of the original 13 colonies of the 1770s. So it is very possible you have ancestors who may have lived in some part of New York. Newspapers are one of the best sources for information on our ancestors, especially the local hometown papers.

Available at the Fulton History web site are some 639 digitized newspapers from throughout New York State, which equals about 27 million pages. Using the search box on the left side, place a town, a surname,an event or date and all types of newspaper articles will be listed on the left side.

I put in the surname ‘Kershaw’ and 5,000 listings were available. The newspaper name, the date of the article and a brief summary is showed with the name or phrase you search written in bold print. If a selection looks like something you would want to view totally, just click on the blue linked title. A reminder, many New York newspapers carried news articles about events that happened in another state. So there might be an article on an ancestor who never lived in New York.

1901-Jan 26 article

The article is in PDF format and will take a moment to be called up but then you will see the original paper – not a transcript. Seeing the original will also provide any images or illustrations.

There could be some fascinating new information to learn about a family member from the Fulton History newspapers.

Image: New York NY Evening Telegram January 26, 1901


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