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Woman Looking at ComputerIt is a bit exciting to be in the early stages of a new project, one that is just getting started.  When you investigate the fairly recent online free database GenQueries for genealogy queries you will see the potential of another source of information and reaching other researchers. This service was developed by the well-known Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter. All family history researchers need assistance from time to time, some extra hint or advice to get on the right path of locating additional information on an ancestor.

By using public message boards on genealogical topics located on the Internet you greatly increase you chance of gathering necessary data. The big advantage for using GenQueries is that the messages put out are always visual to millions of people on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The posted queries are also featured on the RSS newsreader for added exposure. Plus the researcher can write their question any length and provide known information.

If someone reads that query and has a possible reply all is necessary is a click to send an answer in response to the individual asking the question. Any private information about the person posting the question also never needs to be displayed for the public to see – one’s privacy is protected.

There is no service fee or special account needed for the message board. Any number of queries can be posted with no cost. GenQueries does offer a featured ad option which does have a modest fee to highlight in bold text ads submitted.  However, all regular posted queries are free.

As with any query, begin the request with the family surname and the given names. Including locations such as the county, state or even hometown helps immensely. You are not limited to just the United States. Post your questions about anywhere in the world. Neither does the question have to be only with a family name or a certain person. It is great to request photos or information on hometowns also.

Additional postings are found about historical and genealogical societies for different locations. There are genealogical research services posted especially covering certain regions which may prove helpful.

Being a new site there are not many listings and queries posted yet. However, by being part of its early beginnings allows greater exposure as this site develops in the future. It is worth reviewing for anyone.

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Sadie Pasha 16/08/11

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