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Find Ancestors.
Build Your Tree.
Find Ancestors.  Build Your Tree.

Making sense of the 1940 census.

Meet contributing writer, historical and genealogical researcher, Alice L. Luckhardt, author of Legends – Family Stories and Myths, who shares her extensive personal knowledge on

Alice Luckhardt, selected by to be one of their 1940 Census Aces, helps to make sense of the newest information on the census. will be uploading census images to their site so the public can browse them. Then they begin the indexing process.


1940 Census

So my first search into the 1940 census demonstrates, as it does in any other census or document, not everything written on such a form is absolutely 100% correct.  However, it is great fun to see what has been written about our relatives more than 72 years ago.

The time has arrived, that every family history researcher has been waiting for — the April 1940 U. S. Federal Census. Of course that does not mean you can click on any database now to find your ancestors in 1940. Start here for tips on navigating the 1940 census.

What can be found on this census; first will be names of each person in a household, the house and street address, value of the home, then information on each person such as occupation, race, place of birth, age, education and citizenship.  What is really special is that for each person, information was provided of where they lived as of April 1, 1935 (five years earlier).  This can be a great aid locating additional vital records (birth and marriage) by knowing where a person lived.

Find Ancestors.  Build Your Tree.

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