Newspaper Article Connects Long Lost Family

newspapersIt started with a newspaper article. Christina Bellars-Strait, who lives in America, read an online news article about a man named Malcolm Carter, who lives in the UK. The article was on the Cambs Times website, and it told the story of a last minute salvage of Malcolm Carter’s business. The article involved Malcolm Carter as well as his grandson, Marty Charlton, who was 24 years old.

Christina Bellars-Strait had been doing some genealogy research, trying to find her father. Her mother, Janice Bellars, passed away 12 years ago. Christina’s mother did not tell her daughter, Christina, very many details about her father. Christina was told her father’s name, and the name of the village where he lived. Janice Bellars had a two month relationship with Malcolm Carter in the early 1960’s. Janice moved from the UK to America with her daughter when Christina was only ten months old.

Christina read the news article, and then sent a Facebook message to Marty Charlton. She asked him if his grandfather was named Malcolm Carter, and also said that she believed that Malcolm Carter was her father. It turned out to be the case, and the family has had a reunion on Facebook.

Malcolm Carter learned that he had a daughter for 46 years, that he had never met. His wife had passed away two years previously, and it was extremely fortuitous that he has been contacted by find long lost family members. Through conversations on Facebook, Malcolm Carter learned he had a daughter and five grandchildren who lived in America, and a son and two grandchildren who lived in the UK. Two of these grandchildren have children of their own. It is really amazing how a random newspaper article, found on a website, can lead to a person finding her long lost family members.

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