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Newspapers can hold a wealth of information for genealogists. It is possible to find obituaries, birth announcements, wedding announcements and perhaps articles about your relatives and ancestors. There are plenty of newspaper research online resources for genealogists to explore.

Newspaper Archive: The Newspaper Archive has United States newspaper archives from 1736 to 2018. It can be searched by Country, State, City, or publication. It also has newspapers from several other countries. There are options to search by clippings or obituaries. A subscription is required.

Chronicling America: The Library of Congress has a collection historic American newspapers from 1789-1963. It also has a Newspaper Directory you can use to find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. Newspapers & Publications: This collection can be searched by first & middle name, last name, date of birth, date of death, marriage, and more. It requires a subscription.

Google News Archive Search: This archive of newspapers can be searched by name of newspaper, by clicking on a letter of the alphabet to see newspapers that start with that letter, or by scrolling through a huge list of newspapers and clicking on one of them. It is also possible to use the Google News Archive Search to search the web for key words.

Elphind: Elphind has 3,468,779 newspapers from 3,578 newspaper titles to search through. Search by typing in the name of a newspaper into the Elphind’s search engine. Elphind will bring up a list of articles from that newspaper in the form of an image. The newspapers may be located on websites outside of Elphind.

Trove: Trove helps you find and use resources relating to Australia. Trove brings together content from libraries, museums, archives, repositories and collecting organizations. Trove can be viewed online. Use Trove to search for keywords. Or, you can browse by titles, places, dates, categories, or tags. It is also possible to view a list of all newspaper and gazette titles.

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