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News-Oregon - 1912Local newspapers are some of the best resources about individuals, families, historic events, hometowns, businesses, daily life and social events for anyone researching about their family. There are several subscription newspaper archives but always check with the Free to use online newspapers available.

Here are a few to select from. Those that of a certain state or region, check other even if your ancestors didn’t live there, they may have been in a neighboring state or many papers covered events that happened in far away locations.

For the state of Missouri, the newspaper archives cover many local hometown papers and dates in Missouri. There is the New Haven Leader with paper from 1903 to 1918. There is the St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican covering 1854 to 1872 (which includes the Civil War era). Just scan down the list in alphabetical order, read the time frame and location, then use the search box placing a keyword, a surname, a date, etc. Click on the issue of interest and you can zoom to read it better.

Another good newspaper selection is with the vintage Oregon newspapers. Seeing some of the great old advertisements and feature stories could benefit the family research. any of the images or articles can be saved to the computer.

News-Kentucky-May 1923Kentucky newspapers number over 305,000 issues covering many different locations in the state. The date range goes to the mid-1800s (before the Civil War) to the recent 2000s. Putting in a surname or a full ancestral name just could produce some interesting findings. Remember how stories can be run of events and people in other parts of the country.

News-St Lucie Oct. 1872

Photos: An illustration in Oregon in 1912; Capt. Calhoun portrayed in the Kentucky Kernal news in May 1923 and an auction of furniture of W. B. Slevin of St. Louis, MO in Oct. 1872.

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