Newspapers, Photos and Postcards of New York

Person on a ComputerSome of most creativity Internet sites for genealogical information are put together by original citizens, not just governmental agencies. So those fellow researchers who have taken the extra step to display their collection of information for others to share are highly applauded.

There is a great such site titled Fulton History but this is not the surname ‘Fulton’ rather it is a town/county in New York. The web designer does have an array of postcards, history and photos all related to the long history of the town Fulton.

Clicking on the link for the Fulton postcards and photos provides those who have ancestral ties to that area will be overjoyed with this find. There is an image of the Fulton woolen mill from the late 1800s, the town post office in the early 1900s, images of the firemen and policemen of the town along with many street scenes from 1850 to 1970. One section titled ‘Old Fulton People’ is some 300 photos alone of individuals and groups spanning the years.

For Fulton there is a great section of Yearbooks from the schools in Fulton.  The ones for Fulton High School go back to 1918 and cover up to 2007.  Included are cemetery and probate records for the region. So there is quite a treasure of unusual information for anyone with relatives from Fulton.

However, it not just things relating to Fulton that make up the site.  There are the complete scanned New York State U. S. Federal census records for 1790 to 1930.  It is divided in locations and enlarges very nicely for easy viewing. There are also old church records across New York from 1803 to 1950.

The best item are the numerous newspapers across the state of New York scanned and on this site. It is titled ‘Historical Newspapers From New York State.’  Here will be some 16.6 million newspaper pages during different time periods from Auburn, Utica, Oswego, Clinton, Syracuse, Brooklyn, Fayetteville, Cooperstown, Buffalo and countless others.

Of course, no collection of New York newspapers would be complete without the New York City papers.  The New York Times cover from 1852 to 1921.  There is the New York Sun spanning from 1843 to 1945. The New York Tribune from 1841 to 1922 is available. Plus the New York Evening Post running from 1810 to 1920, plus several others newspapers from NYC are all online.  Using the search engine, these New York papers are beneficial even if you did not have a relative living in New York. The historical events are well covered as is news events coming from other parts of the county.  I have located many articles about individuals from Connecticut and beyond.

The Fulton collection is wonderful in its coverage of Fulton, NY, but the extra special elements are the state-wide resources, especially the newspapers which make it a true prize.

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