Newspapers – Unusual Lady Listings

This month for Women’s History or any month is good to make an effort to learn more about your female ancestors. There just might be some fascinating events and activities connected to grandmothers, great aunts, or gr gr grandmothers.

Newspapers have always been an excellent resource. That is because women have NOT just been ‘housewives’. Many have been a part of countless college, political, civic, cultural, religious, church or club activities in their community. That means those types of activities have been part of the newspaper for decades.

Of course, there is the standard engagement and wedding write-ups in the newspaper. Then many times, a listing of births of their children and then death notices.

If they were involved even in a minor role with a hometown club or organization, their name will appear sometime. Some organizations of 1900 you might not think of include: Daughters of the American Revolution, Faculty Wives clubs, Women’s League, Book clubs, Woman’s Club, Garden Club, to name a few. In the early 1800s, there were antislavery groups, temperance organizations, and women’s suffrage. Then church organizations lead by females has always been big.  

Usually, those ladies who were outstanding in a certain field, such as flower growers would have mentioned in the newspaper. If a hometown lady earned a college degree, for sure there was information in the newspaper.

Also, newspapers had the listing of a deed and land transfers, for men and women. So that portion should be checked.

The best is when you can locate any unusual occupation, life event, or special happening relating to the female ancestors. But you might never know unless you do that research, either with online newspaper subscriptions, or public libraries.

Photos: Nina Madison – Balloonist in NY in 1898; Suffragettes in Missouri March 1919; and Sally McFadden-flag maker of NY.

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