Nickel Coke-Cola

You will for sure want to include in the family history memories about the nickel Coke-Cola. It is one of those standards that every America and other around the globe know and have tasted.

It is one item everyone remembers but they may have forgotten it remained the same price for decades – one nickel (just 5 cents). It began in 1886 with a single serving of Coca Cola from a soda fountain costing 5 cents. It was suggested that placing the drink in a small bottle would be great, that way you could drink a Coca-Cola anywhere. The Coca Cola president, Asa Candler, didn’t like the idea and sold the bottling rights in 1899 to bottling facilities. He still supplied the syrup so he launched an advertising campaign making the bottle cost only 5 cents. It was advertised as a one-coin drink. It stayed that way for decades.

However by the 1950s due to increased costs of production and ingredients rising, the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola was raised. The last time a retailer sold a bottle from a vending machine for a nickel was 1959. That was 60 years of bottle coca-cola for a nickel. After that, the bottle in the vending machine was a dime. Your ancestors saw it all.

Photos: Older advertisements for Coca Cola; coca-cola vending machine – price of bottle 5 cents; 1940s AD during WW 2; AD showing Coca Cola was everywhere.

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