North Carolina Family Names

For anyone with ancestors from the State of North Carolina, there is online a nice database of surnames found in a variety of documents and records. It is part of the North Carolina Family Records Online site, with material from the state archives and state library of North Carolina. Here you will see a massive list of surnames, in alphabetical order. Not every surname that ever existed in North Carolina is found in this database, but many are here, listed on different types of records.

The records range from cemetery listings, deed registrations, family Bibles, books, obituaries, news articles, tombstones and other types of documents. As you scan the list of name, note it there are any various surname spellings on the family tree. Never go by one spelling. Once you click on a name of interest the site provides a listing of pages, which could range from one page with 10 items or numerous pages.

As you look at each thumbnail image there is also a brief description of the document. If an image is listed “Restricted File”, it is not available to view. The range of dates of material goes back to the 1700s, including when North Carolina was a British colony. If you are not sure the surname relates to your lineage, look over the image (enlarge it) because there just could be a mention or reference to a name that does tie-in or even a location. Names like Pierce has 117 items, others such as Armstrong has 78 and Kirby has 66 listings.

At the end of the ‘Z” listing is found marriage and death listing from the Fayetteville newspaper, then from Raleigh Register and North Carolina State Gazette are marriage and death listings dating back to about 1799. Also added is DAR for N. C. family Bible records and Hebrew cemeteries in the city of Raleigh.

So a good selection, especially the family Bibles, all rich with information.

Photo: The information from the Creekmore family Bible, births and deaths transcribed.

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