NYC-Ellis Island Photos--1902-1913

Ellis Island-front facadeThe famed Ellis Island was not the only arrival port for immigrates. There were entrances in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New Orleans as also major ports. Even before Ellis Island opened in 1892, there was in New York, Castle Garden, an entrance for 11 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892.

The New York Public Library does have a collection of photos of immigrates and Ellis Island from 1902 to 1913, some of the key years with the most immigrants entering the United States. In 1907, one of the peak years, there were about 4,000 immigrants at Ellis Island. If you have found ancestors who entered at Ellis Island during those years, you will really want to review these photos. A reminder that the Ellis Island Immigrations Stations were in New York and New Jersey. Ellis- meals

As you scroll down viewing the images, if one is of interest, click on it to enlarge the view and read the information about that image further down under the photo.

There are only 324 images, but all worth viewing, especially if you had ancestors enter Ellis Island during 1902-1913 or other dates. ellis--medical check

Photos: The famous front facade, Immigration Station, at Ellis Island; meals provided for the immigrates; and the medical inspection done on each new immigrate.

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