Occupational Clothing

Sometimes in your research on family members you might not think of the type of clothing they wore at their job. Many would wear the style fashionable of that decade.

However, many did have to wear special outfits for what they did as a occupation — even the ladies. Decades ago some of those outfits were a bit outlandish for the times.

The following are examples of some occupational clothing shown in photos and if you had an ancestor in that field, you get an idea of what they wore.

JOBS- men worker-1850s1850s men laborers

JOBS-model-1860sA female model of the 1860s – very rare to see such a photo.

JOBS-mary walker-doctor CWDr. Mary E. Walker, a female doctor during the Civil War wearing bloomers / pants, also an unusual sight.

Jobs-Refreshment entertainment 1860sRefreshment entertainers in the 1860s, maybe in a saloon.

jobs-strongwoman-1870s-aA professional strongwoman in the 1870s, working in a fair, carnival or circus.

JOBS-icemen-1880sThe icemen in the 1880s who supplied to home the daily required ice for the icebox.

jobs-taxidermist-1880s-aA taxidermist in the 1880s with example of his work.

JOBS-radiology nurse, circa 1918The most unusual outfit for work, a radiology nurse in protective gear in 1918 during WW I.

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