October – Family Hometown

During the month of October (with Family History Month), a little different idea to add to your family history is to do research relating to the family hometown or home county. This could involve two or more locations but start with one and be complete as possible.

Using the Internet is a great start to learn more about the town. Include with your family history a map, especially one from the time-frame your ancestors lived there. See what photos are available of landmark buildings in the town, these being the same places and structures your ancestors would have visited or known of.

Research about the population changes over the decades using census records or local town museums. A town’s overall history is most important and again when your family were citizens and may have contributed to the town’s history is great to add.

Finding out about unusual events especially those centered around weather events or unusual happenings or disasters are also important to add.

An example for the town of Stuart, Florida was the town fire of January 1, 1916 when multiple city blocks containing homes, a church and businesses were destroyed. This certainly affected the residents for years to come.

Contact the county museum, the local public library, the county historical society, all who could help provide some information relating to the town landmarks, disasters, timelines, and even their well-known citizens. Asks about your own ancestors and see what they have, you never know what might be uncovered.  

Photos: Old Armory in Frederick. MD built in 1913; Chicago, Ill fire in 1871; and Feroe Building (landmark) in Stuart, FL.

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