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Have any ancestors from Ohio, then you will want to check on the Ohio Historical Society online site with a variety of images.

They are divided into categories – listed at the left. There is also a search box at the top, especially if you are looking for a specific town or person. Or if you know a military regiment an ancestor served with such as the 65th OVI (Ohio Volunteer Infantry) you might come across an image of the unit or of the ancestor.

Ohio military-

The categories are quite varied, from agriculture, churches, education, women, religion, sports and architecture. Within each category are many photos from numerous different decades. Click on one of interest and there will be a brief write-up on what information is known. Note there may be additional pages of images, look for the ‘Next’ arrow in the upper right corner.

The image in a smaller size is to the left. You can download the image (right click on it save it to your computer), but if you do want a larger image, it can be purchased from the Ohio Historical Society, instructions provided on the site.

Not all photos are from 1860s to 1900, there are many in more contemporary times, 1950s to 1980s. Even if no ancestral images are located, check later since more are being added. Plus if you locate any related to hometowns or businesses a relative may have been a part of, that is a bonus to add to your family history.

Photos:Arthur Kelton Lawrence, who served as a hospital steward in the 9th Battalion of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Spanish American War (1890s) and the Ohio canal boats in 1904 from Miami to Erie.

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