Old Boston

Boston--1750The city of Boston is so rich in history and the heritage that affected generations of our ancestors for over 250 years. if you had any ancestors you ever lived in or around Boston during any time frame (Colonial, American Revolution, growth of a new nation, the 19th century, the American Civil War or the 20th century), you will want to explore and learn about Boston history.

Suffolk University is offering MOOC — which is free online open course on the history of Boston. Over eight consecutive lessons, the wonderful events and people that shaped Boston and the state of Massachusetts will be covered. There are no grades, tests or homework with this course. Or is there any university credit from the course – just the opportunity to learn more from professional instructors.

Boston--1776The online site, with the eight lessons covering different topics is outlined. You just need to click on the free enrollment to get started. Everything from the Native Indians, to the Puritans, to the witch trials, to the start of the Revolution, to the anti-slavery movement, to the city’s Gilded Age, and to the city in the 20th and 21st centuries are covered.

Dr. Robert J. Allison, the History Dept. chairman at Suffolk University will be the professor conducting the course.  Boston--1800

What a golden opportunity, one not to be missed, whether you had ancestors in the Boston area or not – start now on this course.

Boston--CWPhotos: Boston in 1750, in 1776, in 1800 and a poster during the Civil War.

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