Old TVs Now Used for Cats

The big cabinets for the television set of the 1950s-1970s were an important item in any home decades ago. You may well remember the family’s first TV set in black and white and remember even better the first color TV set – wow, that was great to have.

But with the big wall screens, there are no cabinets for TV sets needed in the living room, bedroom or family room. But you might still could add such a cabinet to your home décor. Many people have discovered turning these stylish vintage pieces used for TV cabinets into fun cat furniture. That’s right, furniture for one or more cats in the family.

Cats love to feel safe and sheltered which is one reason why you can often find them in boxes, bags, or any small spaces. It’s no secret that they also love a soft bed. So combine the two. Turning an old TV into a cat bed can give them a nice place to snooze while giving you a cheap and stylish bit of vintage decor.

Get an old TV that no longer works, then disassemble the TV (gutting it) and remove the front screen. Place wallpaper or other decoration inside the cabinet so there is a nice background also. Place soft bedding inside for your pet. Clean and do any painting needed for the cabinet and you are all set. If you have a small dog who can jump into the former TV cabinet, the dog might love this new resting spot also.

Re-purposing vintage keepsakes.

Photo: Two different vintage TV cabinets re-purposed for cats.

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