One Photo Story

Be ready for the Christmas season with relatives by locating one or two special vintage photos of a family member who would be present with the rest of the family during the holiday. It might be your Mom, a great uncle, a cousin, or an older brother.

Find a special older photo of that person, more of a casual and candid shot, doing anything. In fact the funnier it is the better.

Have copies of that photo done up for everyone present. Then the special relative selected, announce that their photo is being featured, and they will tell about themselves at the time of the photo being taken. If it is a boy riding a bicycle, how old is he in that photo, where did he live, when did he get the bike, any accidents while riding a bike, did he ride it to school, was it his only bike, etc. The list is endless. Have some questions ready to prompt the person to remember about that bike and that time frame. They at first might say they do not remember, but starting with when they had the bike, etc could get them on a roll.

If you have a couple such photos of different relatives, save another with a different relative for another day or evening activity. It will be very entertaining to see what is remembered and what tale is associated with that one photograph. Make sure you are recording what is said by the relative and his photo.

Of course, you do have to wait for the holidays, anytime this is a great activity and a way of sharing of family stories. 

EXAMPLES of Photos: 1972–first day a tour of a new city to live; Visiting Las Vegas; and Boat trip to scatter relative’s ashes to sea.

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