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Arch- WACThe National Archives collections in Washington, D. C. is an excellent resource for any family history researcher to check. If you did a couple years ago, do the search again as new things are added or you know additional names on the family tree.  Arch- WAC-poster

To get an idea of the numerous topics to select from, this site page has the listing of topics. Titles such as Germans, Immigrants, battlefields, stockbrokers, women soldiers, labor unions, war casualties, Naval Officers and so many more may be topics that never occurred to you to research. Military records at the archives is over 8.7 million. Females who served during World War II was over 150,000 Americans.

Arch- Japanese campAn interesting online index are the individuals of Japanese ancestry who were placed in Japanese Camps in the United States during World War II – even those who were born in America. Arch- Japanese camp-picAnother interesting one would be American POWs held by the Japanese Army during World War II – with many having the name of the camp they were held in.

Arch-POWWith the various topics, there are many to select from and some interesting subjects to check related to your ancestors.  Arch-POW in campGo to the National Archives site.

Photos: Military Record for female-Nan Everhart, Japanese Interment Camps and American POW camps of Japan.

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