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ancestorcloud-logoAncestorCloud is a new community and social marketplace for family discovery. This genealogy website not only connects you with professional genealogists to help with your research, but also a community of other family historians in over 52 countries who are available to lend a helping hand. Community researchers can pick up records, take local photographs, translate documents, help with research questions and more. It is Free to join and then post a request.

It is very similar to the long-standing work done by volunteers with RAOGK (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness). You place a request for an individual in another location to assist you in locating a certain vital record, taking a photo of a vintage house or of an individual’s headstone, translating documents or any other number of research items.

There are the Seekers (those needing assistance) and the Helpers (those who are in a specific location or with knowledge to help). For the amount of time spent by the Helper, it is suggested the Seekers reward their efforts with money (approximately $10 to $100), handled through Paypal. To post a request as a Seeker, there is no charge. If by chance there is no Helper available to assist with a request, the AncestorCloud will do research. ancestorcloud-archives

If a problem arises, the AncestorCloud staff will help the situation between the Seekers and Helpers.

After you register, you can post your request as a Seeker. Provide as many details you already know. Then list what you think is a fair reward to achieve this request. However, if you feel you can assist others, sign up as a Helper.

This service could be beneficial especially for those seeking vital records or photos of hometown places or cemeteries, much less expense than traveling there yourself.

Photos: AncestorCloud Logo and their Archives.

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