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The newest databases to search from Ancestry.com is for Births-Marriages and Deaths in Ontario, Canada. With it being on the northern border with the United States, many individuals on both sides have been in the US and / or Canada, especially in Ontario.

Using the subscript-fee site with three important area – births – marriages – deaths, you just might be able to uncover locations and dates for several relatives on the family tree.

The years vary on what is available on Ancestry.com. For Births it is 1858-1913, for Marriages it is 1826-1937, and Deaths (including those deaths occurring overseas) the dates are 1868 to 1947.

Looking for birth first, don’t worry about trying to fill in all the blanks, just be as close as possible. A list will appear and scan down to see if there are any close matches. Investigate each one that might be who you are looking for. 

You will get for births the parents name along with the child’s name in the transcription. Go to the scanned copy provided for more details. The doctor who did the delivery is listed, the address for the family, and the occupation of the father.

So much additional information can be learned. A good example is with the death record on Jacob Musselman who died in Ontario in 1924. His father was named and stated was originally from Erie, PA.  So check on some ancestors, they might have been to Ontario.  

Photos: 1908 birth of Edward Arthur Kershaw; 1936 marriage of Edward Arthur Kershaw and Clarice Giffiths; and Jacob Musselman born 1838 died June 1924 in Ontario (his father originally came from PA).

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