Open New Window on the World

You may well have ancestors from all over the globe or maybe just from one location. There is a new online site that takes you locations from around the world. It is known as ‘Window Swap’ and it just like it might sound, a view outside a window of places across the globe.

Some of views can be tremendous, each click to see the next window view can take you from urban to rural places. In the upper right of the view is where it is and the upper left the first name of who submitted that view.

What is even neat, you can submit your own window view; under the link in the lower left corner titled “Submit Your Window”. Notice all the views are videos as if you were there at the moment seeing it action about 10 minutes in length. Some views have a lot going on and others are quiet peaceful scenes.

To see a new window view the button at the bottom center says “Open a new window somewhere in the world”, click there. Many of the scenes have sound with them, so make sure your speaker is on.

You may want to bookmark the site and place it on your homepage to call up anytime. Now you can pretend to travel beyond your own neighborhood to places across the globe.

Photo: Snowy scene of Chicago, Illinois.

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