Organize Family Photos With Flickr

Organize Family Photos With Flickr Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comIt can be difficult to organize family photos. Where should you begin – with the oldest photos, or the newest? What criteria should you use when sorting your photos into albums? How can you easily share your collection of photos with family that lives far away? Flickr might help you solve some of these problems.

Flickr is an online photo website that can be used for free. That’s very helpful for family historians who have a lot of photos to organize and who need to stay on a budget. Each Flickr user is given 1 TB of space. Each individual photo can be up to 200 MB.

It is also possible to upload short videos to Flickr. Each individual video can be up to GB in size. Video playback is limited to the first 3 minutes of the video. If your video is longer than 3 minutes, you might consider breaking it up into 3 minute sections before you upload it to Flickr.

The first thing you should do is gather up your family photos. It is ok to start with a small batch as you learn how to use Flickr. There are two ways to go about sorting those photos into Flickr. One is to start with a batch of photos that all connect to a specific family event (like a birthday or reunion). The other is to start with a random batch of photos and sort them into albums as you go.

Andrea Dekker has some excellent advice for organizing your photos on Flickr. One of her tips is to tag each and every photo by the month and year it was taken. That makes it easy to find later on.

It is very easy to upload your photos to Flickr. It can be done via your desktop browser or through the Flickr mobile app (which is available for Android, iPad or iPhone).

Shortly after you have uploaded a photo, you can start making changes to it. Add or edit a title. Add a description. Use some helpful tags. Name the people who are in the photo. Select an already existing album for that photo to go into. Or, create a new album with this photo (and add more photos from the same event to that album later).

Flickr allows users to chose the privacy settings for each photo and album. For example, you could put together an album from last year’s family reunion. Set that album to public, private, friends, family, or friends & family. You get to choose who can view your photos.

Image by Rosana Prada on Flickr.

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