Other Entry Ports—Baltimore 1897-1952

So many times one figures their ancestors first entered into the United States from their native homelands at Ellis Island or Castle Garden, both in New York or Boston Port but many immigrants did come to the port of Baltimore, Maryland. Now not just immigrants arriving but Americans departing at the Port of Baltimore to vacations or business to other overseas locations. This database which covers 1897 to 1952 is with FamilySearch.org and provides a good deal of information.

There is a person’s full name, their age, sex, marital status, occupation, citizenship, race, last permanent home, their birthplace and where were they traveling to. There are over 379,863 records to examine.

Do a search and a listing will appear. Click on any of interest and gather a few more details to see if there is a match. There are also the scanned original copies but those are harder to read, especially the older ones, some over 100 years old.

Check out this Free online database by FamilySearch.org.

Photos: 1928-Kershaw; 1912-Lakhardt and 1898-Raew

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