Outstanding Skills

When doing the research and investigating every lead about your ancestors you can strongly develop certain skills … almost ‘outstanding’ in levels. You usually will need a couple of this skills to be successful in your research. If you lack any specific skill, this is where you call in help from family and friends. Do not hesitate to ask, many people are thrilled you are asking for assistance based their certain skill.

So here are a few examples of good family history and research skills:

For me, it is ‘Patience‘ – you must be diligent when looking for information on your ancestors, it will not happen overnight.

Another skill is ‘Organization’ – you have all paper and digital sources all in labeled and neat arrangement – files.

Then there is ‘skill of using Technology‘ – for some this may take awhile to achieve. Help can come from family and friends under the age of 40 years old. They grew up with computer technology – use it. 

A favorite is ‘Writing a Family Story‘ – now that does not have to mean a full-length book, just a collection of short stories about an individual or family or event. You take a bit of info about an ancestor and develop it into a nice short story. 

A skill of ‘Solving Mysteries‘ is fascination. To know more than just a name, date and location, you want to dig deeper to understand the ancestor – what made them ‘tick’. If you uncover a hidden secret, even better to try to solve that puzzle.

A then the skill of ‘Photography and Scanning‘ – a very important skill. So many vintage photos and negatives that need to be scanned to be preserved and then the skill of taking photos, especially of hometowns, family houses, headstones, etc. 

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