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  • Photographic Postcards

    Mar 21

    There is available a rich resource to add to any family history. Once you identified the hometowns of various family branches and during which time frame they lived there, start searching for photographic postcards of that town, county or region. Include any notable references to any outstanding features such as a large mountain, a river, a large ...


  • 19th Century Cycloramas

    Mar 19

    In the 1880s, a new technology for the era captured everyone's attention. It was a 'cyclorama', a circular structure with panoramic paintings inside in a 360-degree arrangement. Any could the viewer inside a feeling of being in a certain location. Very popular cyclorama scenes were battle scenes from the American Civil War, the Chicago Fire of 187...


  • 23andMe Black Representation in Genetic Research Study

    Mar 18

    23andMe has begun their Black Representation in Genetic Research study. This study aims to understand the biology connecting genetic variants to diseases. To support the study, 23andMe recruited just under 1,000 customers with African ancestry who consented to participate in the study. The project, supported with funding from GlaxoSmithKlin...


  • Irish Heritage

    Mar 17

    To define who is 'Irish', it is thought that the Irish are an ethnic group whose ancestors originally lived on the island of Ireland and most of the Celtic and Gaelic people. Now today and for some years back there are two parts to that island – The Republic of Ireland (an independent nation) and 'Northern Ireland' is part of the United Kingdom ...


  • Genetic Testing for Children Could be Beneficial

    Mar 16

    The story of two fathers in Washington state explains why genetic testing for children could be beneficial in certain circumstances. The Seattle Times wrote an article about two fathers with young daughters who each had Batten Disease. Together, the fathers drafted a bill that would make genetic testing immediately available and covered by ins...


  • Saying “Proof is in the Pudding”

    Mar 15

    This phrase is used when you know something is a fact and there is plenty to prove it. It started as a much longer version and has been shorten. Longer it was “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” That goes back to the 1600s and earlier when pudding was a type of sausage which started with mixing various spices and cereal and stuffed in...


  • Bench Seats in Cars

    Mar 13

    Here is an item you may have forgotten about, even if you or your parents grew up with 'bench seats' in automobiles in the front. You don't any auto today unless they are 40-60 years old or older with bench seats, it is 'bucket seats' now. Keep in mind, not just cars, but buggies and carriages were all bench seating style. The bench seats di...


  • Family Lockets

    Mar 11

    A locket is just like it sounds, a protected place to keep something of special meaning to the person. Many of the early ancient lockets kept an herbal remedy or medicine, even poison. During the 1500s, lockets became popular as mourning jewelry (something worn after the death of a loved one). Calling them locket came from the placement of a lock ...


  • Search All Irish Records for Free at MyHeritage

    Mar 11

    St Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating your Irish heritage … and what better way than to celebrate your connection to the Emerald Isle than to make discoveries about your ancestors who lived there? From March 11-18, 2021, you’ll be able to do just that on MyHeritage for free! MyHeritage is opening all Irish records to the public fo...


  • Birth Order

    Mar 9

    Science has shown there is some evidence that the birth order (when a child is born within the family) as to the type of personality that child might have later in life. Not 100% in every case but it has shown types of personalities based on when a person was born. The placement shows some of these traits. FIRST BORN – they tend to be a le...


  • RootsTech Attracts Over 1 Million Participants Opening Week

    Mar 9

    RootsTech Connect 2021 attracted more than 1 million participants from 242 countries and territories at its completely virtual, online debut. RootsTech is a hybrid, global online event and website that celebrates fun, personal, and family discoveries by fostering new connections, the latest learning, and innovative technologies. Although th...


  • Uses of Linoleum

    Mar 7

    This is materiel that had its beginnings in 1860. At first, you would think linoleum was just a floor product. During the 1800s into the 20th century linoleum was used in high traffic areas in a building or home. Yet in the 1920s and 1930s there were various colors and patterns used in linoleum. By having different colors designs could be created ...


  • Childhood Candies of the 1950s

    Mar 5

    The youngsters of the 1950s were part of the bigger consumer age with all types of new toys, games and special sweet treats. One activity children liked to do was save their pennies to get some candy at the corner store. Here are a few samples of the treats from the 1950s. Ask any relatives from that era and see how many they recall. Sugar Bubb...


  • Ancestry Partners with The Home Edit for Meaningful Spring Cleaning

    Mar 4

    Ancestry, the leader in family history, has teamed up with The Home Edit to provide spring cleaning solutions to refresh the home and make the most of beloved heirlooms, family photos, historical documents and precious keepsakes. In a year where families have spent unprecedented time at home, The Home Edit professionals Joanna Teplin and Cl...


  • Hat Pin Holders

    Mar 3

    Now, this is a type of family heirloom you might not have. Or you might have one and did not know what it is. A once popular item for any lady's dressing table was a holder for her hat pins. Since ladies, all types, in all types of occupations or stay at home, wore hats if they went outside of the home, so a pin to secure the hat was needed. This ...


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