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  • Google Newspapers Around the Globe

    Dec 20

    The search engine on the Internet is a valuable tool. One of the most well-known and innovated search engines is Google. It can be extremely useful for family history research. Their newspaper collections are outstanding. Since newspaper, big and small circulation are the window to a community, the use of newspaper articles for family research has ...


  • Cushman Photos and Slides 1930s to 1972

    Dec 18

    It is nice to come across a large collection of photos that cover or represent a certain region or time period. Photos are the best method to get an idea of how our ancestors looked, dressed, their activities and what their state, region or community looked like at a certain time period. The Indiana University Archives – Digital Library Progra...


  • Our Ancestor’s Menu – Please !

    Dec 16

    There are collections of all types of items – just about any time period and any location. This includes menus. Yes, the card stock folder, the sheet of paper or the booklet – many different type of food menus used by airlines and cruise ships. This online collection from Northwestern University Library has about 400 menus from across the Uni...


  • Finding Published Family History Books

    Dec 14 has collected some 40,000 digital family history books along with periodicals and gazettes all relating to genealogy and individual family research. This makes it very simple to locate, read and even download the material if you desire. The seven sources for this collection range from the Allen County Public Library, to Brigham ...


  • Upper New York State Newspapers

    Dec 12

    Today is 12-12-12 You may wonder where are the best sources for information on your ancestors or their hometown. The one research that generally yields the most and many times some very unusual bits of information are the local newspapers. The more localized you can make your search many times is where the best results occur. There is an onli...


  • United Kingdom Postcards

    Dec 10

    The sending and receiving of postcards became a very popular activity for people around the globe beginning in the 1870s and especially by the late 1880s and into the 1910s. The postcards were not just sent while one was traveling, visiting other places, but also just as a method to share scenes of what their own hometown or region looked like. Ph...


  • The Fun Our Ancestors Had in 1880s

    Dec 9

    Knowing more about the types of interests and sources of entertainment for our ancestors really adds to getting to know our relatives. One very popular and fashionable form of entertainment actually came about due to the improvement in 1884 of ball-bearing roller skates. With superior development in the skates, the public roller or skating rinks s...


  • Types of Researchers

    Dec 8

    Working on your family history is not an exact science with only one method to research your ancestors. For as many different ancestors you may have there are that many varied ways to be a researcher. You want to be the type that your are most comfort with and brings you the greatest satisfaction. So what are these types of researcher? See if ...


  • Genealogical Holiday Sayings for the Season

    Dec 7

    In these weeks leading up to the holidays, as you write those Holiday Newsletters, fill out cards, decorate, wrap gifts you might like to add a special genealogical touch. So the following are a collection from numerous sources of genealogical sayings you can use during this holiday season.   If you are into designing gift paper or cards...


  • Edit Those Photos–Simple Method

    Dec 6

    It can be very helpful to have a simple photo editing software whenever an old or recent photo needs something special. You may not think to touch up, fix up, enhance any of your old vintage family portraits, but sometimes those are the ones that need that special touch up. Scanning the image is the first step. If you do not have a scanner, yo...


  • Families in British India Society

    Dec 4

    'The sun never set on the British Empire' was a saying referring to all the British colonies across the globe that the United Kingdom once held, so many that the sun was shining somewhere on British property at any given time. One of the biggest and most important British colony was that of India in the continent of Asia. Not just the British milit...


  • Gallery of New York City Photos

    Dec 2

    The grand city of New York City has a fabulous history and many of our ancestors either arrived first to the port of New York, made the city their home, traveled to the city, served in the military or had business dealings there. So this is an important location to see what ties our ancestors may have had with New York City. Besides the family co...


  • Something Special about December?

    Nov 30

    There is much being talked about that December 2012 has some special dates on certain days of the week that make it super usual. The month of December 2012 does have 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays. Boy, is that occurrence strange, unusual, something our ancestors never witnessed? No, not by a long shot. In fact the last happening was in ...


  • Dallas Cemeteries

    Nov 29

    Everything is big in Texas and especially in the city of Dallas. It is located in the northeast corner of Texas and has a long history. The city today is about 365 square miles in land size and over 6.3 million in population making it the ninth largest city in the United States. An early settlement established by John Neely Bryan in 1841 was the bi...


  • West Virginia BMD Online

    Nov 28

    The state of West Virginia was for many years part of the state of Virginia, that portion in the Appalachian Mountains. It seceded from Virginia in 1861-62 to become the 35th state of the Union on June 20, 1863. When researching ancestors who lived in that region prior to 1863 you would need to check the archives of Virginia, which are very complet...


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