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  • Play a Game, Help Genetic Research!

    Dec 6

    Are you tired of playing Farmville? Try Phylo instead! It's not yet on Facebook, but there are plans in the future to try and integrate Phylo into a Facebook application in the future. Instead of spending your break time farming virtual crops, spend it helping genetic researchers decode a disease!   Phylo was created by a team of b...


  • Your Family Tree Reveals Important Health Information

    Dec 5

    The information that is in your family tree reveals much more than who you are related to, and how you are related to them. It is also a research tool that can be used to reveal important health information! There are many conditions, diseases, and disorders that can be genetically passed down from ancestors to their descendants. The more you k...


  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Dec 4

    Have you seen this show yet? “Who Do You Think You Are” is an American reality television program that airs on NBC. If you are interested in genealogy, you really should check out this show. It is relatively new, and premiered on NBC in March of 2010. This show is an adaptation of the British television series that has the exact same name. T...


  • Researchers Find Genetic Links to Early Puberty

    Dec 3

    I think most women were told a variety of information about when they could expect to get their first period. There is the idea that a girl can expect to start menstruating when she becomes the same age that her mother was, when her mother got her first period. Some have said that the amount of body fat a girl has plays a part in when she will star...


  • Learn More From Your DNA

    Dec 2

    Want to learn more from your DNA? There is a company called 23andMe that can help you do that! It's very easy to get started. You send them a sample of your saliva, and they use the DNA in it to find out more about your health, and your ancestral origins. They will keep you updated when new information is found. This is a great way to enhance your ...


  • Former Circus Worker Reunited With Long Lost Son

    Dec 1

    A woman who used to work at a circus has been reunited with her long lost son, after being separated from him for thirty-three years. Richard Lornac, from Kansas, knew that he was adopted. As an adult, he suffered from back problems. This is what prompted him to try and learn more about his biological family. What he learned was rather surprising. ...


  • What I Learned – Day Eleven

    Nov 30

    Not expecting to find anything useful, but still curious about what the rest of the list holds for me, I return to the MyHeritage website. So far, I am unimpressed with the list of matches that MyHeritage found for me. I have two potential websites left on the list. The next website on the list is Ancestor Search (Easy Google Genealogy Searcher)...


  • What I Learned – Day Ten

    Nov 29

    Today, I return to the MyHeritage website to hopefully complete my search through the list of websites it found for me. I am still searching for myself, using my first name and my unmarried surname. I am getting close to the bottom of the list, and I have found exactly zero useful pieces of information so far. MyHeritage has yet to locate me anywhe...


  • What I Learned – Day Nine

    Nov 28

    Today, I am determined to finish sorting through the list that the MyHeritage website gave me. I am still working from my original search, where I told it to look for my first name and my maiden surname. I have yet to find anything of use, and am getting discouraged. The next website on the list is USGenNet. I have heard that this website is one...


  • What I Learned – Day Eight

    Nov 27

    Today, I had the time to continue looking at the results of the search I did at MyHeritage. I learned that having to wait around for the MyHeritage website to load up the exact same search I have been trying to find information on since Day One is frustrating! It is really cutting into the limited amount of time that I have available to do my genea...


  • What I Learned – Day Seven

    Nov 26

    Once again, I go to the MyHeritage website, to try again. As always, I enter my own first name, and my unmarried last name, into the search engine. As always, I must wait for MyHeritage to pull up the same exact search that I have been working on since I started using this website. This gives me time to go into my kitchen, and get a glass of iced t...


  • What I Learned – Day Six

    Nov 25

    Undaunted by my lack of good results so far, I continue browsing through the list of websites that my search at My Heritage found for me. The first two results did not find me what I was looking for. I am not ready to give up yet. The third website on the big list is There are no icons being used to describe this website. I lear...


  • What I Learned- Day Five

    Nov 24

    I learned that underneath the list of potential websites that the My Heritage search engine collected for me sits more information. There is a legend that describes what the icons mean. A red star means that this website has had information added to it in the last 30 days. A yellow star means the website has a highly popular genealogy database. A b...


  • What I Learned- Day 4

    Nov 23

    Today, I had the opportunity to look at the list of potential links that the My Heritage website found for me. I began my genealogy research by typing my own first name, and my maiden name into the search engine. My hope is that one of the links that it listed for me would provide me with the records I am seeking. I start by logging in. This goe...


  • A Rescued Legacy

    Nov 22

    Wesley Wagoner was from Hanover, Pennsylvania and enlisted in the 76th Union Pennsylvania Infantry in October 1862 during the American Civil War. He was a faithful son in writing letters home while stationed in South Carolina. He wrote of the conditions the troops were living under, their military activities, but mostly of his love for his family. ...


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