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  • Slave Insurance Registry

    Nov 20

    It is said anything can be insured for the right premium. Well, this was the case even for slaveholders of the southern states in the first half of the 19th century. Recently several of the archives from the old established insurance companies from the 1800s have been discovered by present-day insurance companies. In these archives was documentati...


  • Old English Occupations

    Nov 19

    So many of us do have some English heritage in our family tree. Besides finding English ancestors, we need to learn about their occupations. The terms for certain occupations has changed over the years. So when you look an records of the United Kingdom – census- marriage- death certificates from England and there is an occupation listed for a p...


  • What to Do to Preserve Those Old Books & Documents?

    Nov 18

    As you have worked on your family history there has surely been located numerous documents, books, family trees, directories, etc, relating either to your family lineage, hometown, business, schooling or house. There can even be collections of city directories kept by an ancestor, school yearbooks, football programs, business records, governmenta...


  • The Lincoln Movie and Its Times

    Nov 17

    This recent 2012 Stephen Spielberg movie on President Abraham Lincoln opened on Nov. 16th  to world-wide audiences. Many who have already viewed the earlier limited showings have all raved about the performances of Daniel Day-Lewis' portray of Lincoln along with Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln. The film is not about his entire life, but rather ...


  • Create Your Own Newspaper Story

    Nov 16

    In doing your family history research and then writing it up and sharing with family, it can be a fun activity to use some of the available Internet programs that allow you to be a bit creativity. Online by is a program to create your newspaper headline and article. It can be of any time period, any event or any group of ancestors. This...


  • Delaware Heritage Collection

    Nov 12

    The state of Delaware is along the mid-Atlantic region of the country, with its eastern border along the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states are Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its largest populated city is Wilmington and the capital city is Dover. Being a land small state it only has three counties; New Castle, Sussex and Kent. It was the ...


  • Europeana 1914-1918 Collections

    Nov 11

    With this being the 11th  month of the 11th day, it is important to note the work being done to preserve material related to the thousands of ancestors who were involved during the 'Great War' what would eventually be called World War One. There is a special project in Europe for the last couple of years to collect memorabilia and stories from t...


  • Great Lakes Maritime Database

    Nov 10

    The five Great Lakes in the United States (Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario) and bordered by part of Canada has been an essential source of transportation since the 18th century. Many people have made their livelihood from the ports and the shipping of goods and people across the various Great Lakes. The information from records relatin...


  • Oklahoma and Indian Records

    Nov 8

    The Indian Territory was that portion of land in the center of the United States which in the first half of the 1800s, that no white settlers was interested in living on. Instead, the federal government thought it made more sense moving the five main civilized Indian tribes out of the southeast region to the Indian Territory, allowing the white se...


  • New Orleans Research

    Nov 6

    The New Orleans Public Library has a massive collection of fascinating records and especially photos online. Most are centered in and around the city of New Orleans, but some of the outlining parishes are also in the collection. If any ancestors had lived in New Orleans, you will want to review this material. There is a general search box at the...


  • First Wagon Train to California in 1841

    Nov 4

    It was 1840 and the young United States in its most recent U. S. Federal Census showed a population of 17,063,353, which was up 33% from the 1830 census. The states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Virginia each have a population greater than one million citizens. As had been a tradition among Americans people still wanted to move western, onto...


  • Census Facts on 50 States

    Nov 3

    Doing your family genealogy you have and will continue to use the U. S. Federal Censuses. They are a very valuable tool in research. From the first census in 1790 showing approximately 3.9 million people in the new country to the latest 2010 census with 308.7 million residents it is so important to check all the censuses available for information a...


  • B-M-D Records & Newspapers in Nova Scotia

    Nov 1

    In Canada, the province of Nova Scotia is along the eastern shore. It has a very long history and many people originally from the United Kingdom, France and the United States have lived in Nova Scotia over the decades. In fact it was a destination for many Americans who supported the British during the 1770s in the American Revolutionary War and th...


  • How Our Ancestors Were Affected by Social History

    Oct 30

    Doing your family history is not just names, dates and places, it is also the life, times and events that made up their everyday existence. Many such occurrences might have had a dramatic affect on the course of their life and their descendants – you in fact. Social, environmental and personal history includes everything happening to your ance...


  • Helping the Local Newspaper

    Oct 29

    I work with our local newspaper, the Stuart News, especially providing weekly interesting historical and genealogical information relating to the community. Two weeks ago I was asked by a reporter for some assistance concerning the parents and brothers of Ann Davies Romney - their background, family history and anything relating to the fact they...


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