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  • Alberta, Canada – Proliferate Details

    Jan 16

    From the University of Alberta in Canada, is a very significance online site titled Peel’s Prairie Provinces which should help any family researcher learn more about the western Canadian province of Alberta.  There are several categories including images, newspapers, books, postcards, city directories, Illustrated War News of 1885, railways and ...


  • Israeli Genealogy Databases

    Jan 15

    The available databases online for the many ethnic, religious and cultural groups is growing everyday. They are all trying to make family history more accessible to people around the globe. The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) is one such organization who wish to share the documents and records of their archives with as many people as ...


  • Dayton, Ohio in Focus

    Jan 14

    Photos can ‘speak’ volumes about our ancestors and their lives long before we knew them. You might not have a family collection of images but those with relatives from Dayton, Ohio can find a nice collection of photos online at the Dayton History at the Archive Center.  Of course there won’t be photos from the area taken in 1810, but in gene...


  • Indiana Wants Me

    Jan 12

    If you have ancestors from Indiana, you are in luck. The Indiana State Digital Archives has an expanded online site with many collections available to researchers. Right on the Home Page is an easy search box where you can select from some 2.8 million records in the categories of the Indiana Death Records, the Institution Records, Military Records,...


  • Baby Names – Popular Ones Over the Ages

    Jan 10

    There will be several new babies born the first part of January - New Year Babies - and it is always interesting to see what a child will be named.  We all have ancestors with some very unusual given names that make us stop to think --- what were their parents thinking? I have a set of great grandaunts in one family where the females all had rhym...


  • The Return of WDYTYA

    Jan 9

    In four weeks the third season of Who Do You Think You Are? (WDYTYA) returns to the American prime time television network of NBC.  It is set for Friday evenings at 8 p.m. Eastern and 7 p.m. Central starting on February 3, 2012. This show, which originated in the United Kingdom, has a celebrity embark on a journey of self-discovery as they atte...


  • Polish-American Ancestors in World War One

    Jan 8

    There can be numerous unknown events our ancestors were part of that can only be learned with a little additional research. One fact is that many Americans wanted to fight in Europe beginning in 1914 during the Great War (World War One) because that was their native homeland.  Only problem was that the United States did not enter the war until Apr...


  • The Overlooked Female Ancestors

    Jan 6

    It is always great to find interesting databases and Internet sites established that assist the researcher in learning more about their ancestors, especially our female ancestors.  This site titled Women Working 1800 - 1930 is done by the Harvard University Library - Open Collections Program. Women’s History is presented on the site in a vas...


  • Images of the United Kingdom

    Jan 4

    Just like the United States National Archives has a wonderful collection of online images spanning many decades, so does the National Archives of the U.K.  If a researcher has any family ancestors originally from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland this image library of the National Archives of the U. K. is well worth viewing. The imag...


  • Preservation of Newspapers, Scrapbooks and Photos

    Jan 2

    Sometimes it can be amazing now long certain heirlooms we possess have lasted over the years. Yet, the question arises, how many have faded, been torn or even crumbled and lost to the ages?  So that is why it is so important to make every effort to preserve those documents, photos and paper items now. Newspapers were never meant to last. They w...


  • Ideas for the New Year 2014

    Dec 31

    A fresh start, a new year and a great opportunity to achieve some genealogical goals relating to your family history. First, have a positive attitude. Researching our ancestors is extremely rewarding, but does require patience and continuing to be persistent in your quest.  If you believe you can collect, organize, save and share all the family hi...


  • America’s Joyous Music. National Jukebox.

    Dec 30

    The Library of Congress has such a vast storehouse of all things relating to America’s people, events and history. Not to be forgotten is the collection of music that our ancestors played, danced, listened or sang to over the decades. At the online site for the Library of Congress is the National Jukebox with some 10,000 of the recordings anyone ...


  • A Potpourri of Genealogical Data

    Dec 29

    It is nice to come across an online site that has a large selection of sources and information for the family researcher.  Since 2006 there has been such a site titled Genealogy Trails which has compiled genealogical information from numerous sources. What makes this so amazing is that the collection of transcribed names, families, dates, facts, t...


  • New Year’s Resolutions – the Beginnings

    Dec 28

    New Year’s Resolutions - the Beginnings The time honored New Year’s resolutions go back to 2000 B.C. when the ancient Babylonians of the Middle East held their spring and fall equinoxes festivals.  A new year was  the New Moon, the first visible crescent after the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring. Back then, people marked the beginnin...


  • Native Americans

    Dec 26

    The Native American Indians can be a difficult research for family lineage.  Today, numerous people claim to be ‘part-Indian’; however there were many years when it was not acceptable to say you had any Native Indian blood relations. People hid the fact they may have had a full-blood grandmother who was Cherokee or any other Indian tribe. Name...


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