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  • Blending Family History with the Holiday Gifts

    Dec 8

      Here are some suggested ideas to blend family history with some holiday gifts and cards:   Rather than placing a written name tag on gifts instead us an old photo of that person, especially as a child to identify who is getting the gift.  It might just keep everyone guessing. Place on cardstock and print the images out.  It s...


  • Databases – Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Dec 7

    Even if you had no ancestors stationed in Hawaii during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, your parents, grandparents, great grandparents were deeply affected by this sudden bombing of U. S. Naval ships and facilities. In remembering on this 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, it is of benefit to examine some of the resources about the pe...


  • VMI – Databases With Possible Ancestors

    Dec 6

    The most fascinating aspect of looking for information on your ancestors is that you never know where the next great resource will come from.  One very nice online site; VMI - Virginia Military Institute, has a great archive about the VMI alumni.  It is very possible you may have never considered the possibility that an ancestor attended the Virg...


  • Italian Club Offers Assistance

    Dec 4

    It is essential to learn your family ethnic background when doing your family tree.  There are numerous organizations and clubs who solely focus and assist individuals of a particulate ethnic group. One of the major organizations in the United States is ‘POINT’ which stands for ‘Pursuing Our Italian Names Together.’  Their goal is to help...


  • Your Ancestor’s Daily Paper

    Dec 2

    Today with so many current print items (newspapers and magazines) no longer actually printed, but rather in digital format, it can be a great advantage that our ancestors did have the traditional print newspaper, that they were saved and now can be in a digital form to be viewed anywhere, anytime.  The newspapers of yesteryear were filled with eve...


  • Family History in a Bottle

    Dec 1

    I love finding new ways to display photographs. I've been seeing a lot of ideas for how to display photographs in jars that I think are great ideas for gifts, or for just decorating your home with heritage photos. They can act as a conversation piece or a way to teach your children about where they come from by displaying photos in your home of you...


  • Understanding the Julian to Gregorian Calendar

    Nov 30

    Numerous times you will see where an ancestor’s birth, marriage or death date are written May 11, 1712/1713 and you are not sure which year the event actually occurred.  This is due to a change in the type of calendars used and when they were adopted. First, an explanation of each calendar. The Julian calendar was created by Julius Caesar bac...


  • Seasonal Gifts for the Family History Researcher – Including You

    Nov 28

    Time for Christmas or Hanukkah shopping is with us and trying to come up with the perfect gift can be difficult.  If you have a friend or relative who does the family research there are many cool selections to aid any researcher - novice or advanced.  This includes you, if you do the research - here are some ideas to add to your ‘want list.’ ...


  • Scenes of Old New York City

    Nov 26

    Finding any old photographs is of great assistance to historians and those researching their family background. With so many people having lived at one time or another in the many boroughs of New York, the online collection of vintage photos offers a wonderful treasure chest to explore. The site, Photographic Views of New York City, 1870s - 1970...


  • A ‘Blacksheep’ Pilgrim – Continued

    Nov 25

    The continued story of Pilgrim - John Billington. John Billington and his family were on the Mayflower and came to Plymouth in 1620. They all survived the first harsh winter of 1620-1621.  They celebrated their first harvest with a feast which would eventually be known as ‘Thanksgiving.’ By 1622, John Billington expressed his dissatisfac...


  • A ‘Blacksheep’ Pilgrim or the First American Individualist?

    Nov 24

    People generally have the notion that the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony in the 1620s were a very docile, proper group of people, just seeking a new homeland to worship as they saw fit.  Yet, that original group of 102 passengers on the tiny Mayflower ship of 1620 was quite diverse. The following is about one family who stood out from the rest at...


  • How to Search for Pilgrim Ancestors

    Nov 22

    You would think the place to start researching for any ancestral Pilgrims would be with each of the surviving Pilgrims and work toward the present time.  Only that is the very hard way since there can be so many descendants. If a Pilgrim couple had nine children and each of those children had five or more children the numbers very quickly add up. ...


  • You Might Be a Descendant of the Original Pilgrims

    Nov 20

    This time of year near Thanksgiving one reflects on those brave souls on the Mayflower ship who came to a new land on November 11, 1620. Generally, everyone refers to all those individuals as ‘Pilgrims’ but in truth only 41 were Pilgrims.  Many others were indentured servants, paid servants and hired workers to assist the Pilgrims set and run ...


  • A Source for Family History Books

    Nov 18

    You are working hard to gather facts, stories and information on your ancestors.  You hope you might eventually put the photos, information and documents you have located into a book about your family over the decades. However, did you think maybe someone, another one or generations before you, may have already done that very process? That is w...


  • The ‘Forgotten’ Ancestors in Hospitals and Asylums

    Nov 16

    Today there are so many organizations and medical faculties to help treat and care for individuals with special needs; such as those afflicted with mental disorders, dementia or handicaps. However, that was not the case for most of America’s history. Families generally kept a relative in their home, rarely going outside, keeping them isolated fro...


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