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  • Dutch ‘Family Cards’ Databases

    Sep 2

    If you have found there were some Dutch ancestors you will want to investigate the following site, especially those with the 'Family Cards' now digitalized and online. This was a system used by the government of The Netherlands as a form of a census. Beginning in 1880 they had each household complete information about those individuals living a cer...


  • Time Machine Yourself to 1940

    Sep 1

    With the available use of all the U. S. Census records on from Aug. 29 – Sept. 3, 2012, this is a wonderful opportunity to have a little fun with a very special 'time machine' that has made available for anyone to use. Just by following their simple directions, it can transform you back in time to what a typical day ...


  • End of the Month Routine

    Aug 31

    This was a long month, just like July was with only one major holiday.  So with the end of the month, if you have not done so already, this would be an excellent time to make sure you have done a complete computer backup of your family history research. If you use a software program such as FamilyTree Maker, make a backup of the entire family bran...


  • Capt. Thomas Hart 1870s Documents Returned

    Aug 29

    You just never know when you will run across some book, photo, diary, certificate or document that should be in the hands of the rightful family. If you are were on the receiving end, getting some forgotten artifact of an ancestor you would be extremely grateful that that piece of family treasure was not lost forever. When you do your own family...


  • Historical Events that Happened on Birthdays & Anniversaries

    Aug 27

    As you go about gathering information on birth-marriage-death dates for your ancestors, keep a running list of some of those dates.  Interesting aspects to add to the family stories, once you start putting them together, are any intriguing and beguiling historical events or occurrences that happened the same day-same year.  Even if you can’t lo...


  • The Railroad Systems That Moved America

    Aug 25

    If you have never rode on any of America’s railroad systems, certainly your parents, grandparents and other ancestors more than likely did use the railroad system at least once in their life.  The rail system was the lifeline across the country for passengers, food supplies, mail and freight before highway vehicles and airplanes became the domin...


  • Ontario, Canada Digital Newspapers

    Aug 23

    No matter which region a newspaper covers, big cities or small towns, that newspaper and its articles can really provide a family researcher with the most actual view of people, events, places, occasions, etc. that are possible. Nothing better than really being there at your great grandmother’s wedding in 1893 can outshine what is found in news a...


  • Ye Olde Virginia 1600s to 1960s

    Aug 21

    You don’t need to have ancestors from Virginia to check out the many collections available at ‘Virginia Memory’ which is online and sponsored by the Library of Virginia and the state archives.  Their vast array of material included photos, maps, books, manuscripts, printed materials, newspapers and vital records. The assemblages are intermix...


  • The Faces of Child Labor

    Aug 19

    It is hard to imagine that for decades in America and other countries, children served as a major backbone to much of the work done on farms, in coal mines and factories.  Your ancestor may well have been a part of that massive group.  It was not uncommon for children at age 10 and up working, not attending school, to help support the family inco...


  • Scenes of England 1919 to 1953

    Aug 17

    Photographs are wonderful for showing us decades later what our ancestors looked like, how they worked and where they lived. It is not as good as a video or actually being there, but as near perfect as possible. There is now available online a massive collection of aerial photos of the English and surrounding landscapes, taken between 1919 and 1...


  • Penny Postcards From All States

    Aug 15

    Long before the use of emails and texting, the popular way to communicate was with letters.  With the development improved printing methods on cardstock, the postcard became a very popular method of sending greeting to friends and family. Writing a note on a postcard was always short and had already some humorous, lovely or cheering printed messag...


  • Any ‘Southpaw’ in the Family?

    Aug 13

    This might just be one of the hardest family traits to confirm on your family tree, an ancestor who was left-handed. One of the major reasons was for years, a child who started using only his left hand to pick up items, to eat or even eventually learn to write with his left hand was highly discouraged.  Instead they were forced to use only their r...


  • WorldGenWeb Project

    Aug 11

    If you have not reviewed this online site, WorldGenWeb Project, you need to check it out. Being world - it does have genealogical sources from all the continents. Their archives come from public domain records and placed for free use on the Internet. You begin by clicking on the continent you are interested in examining. There will be a list of nat...


  • Remembering My Mother – the WAC

    Aug 9

    An example of writing up a life event (based on an interview, vital records, newspapers and photos) about an ancestor is the following, my mother, the WAC, done for her birthday anniversary. Nan M. Everhart was born August 9, 1915 in Frederick, Maryland and came from a long family history of military service to the United States.  Some ancestor...


  • Family and Individual Biographical Database

    Aug 7

    Everyone has a story is so true about each person who ever lived.  You may only think the famous, honored, celebrated or notorious people have an interesting life story, but each non-famous, regular person does have an equally remarkable tale that should be remembered. There is an online site titled ‘GeneaBios’ that is attempting to share w...


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