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  • Graves, Tombs and Cemeteries

    Feb 10

    Many people go to cemeteries to take photographs of the headstones. Countless graves over the decades have been decorated with very unusual and ornate monuments to one's relatives. It has always been a method to bring some remembrance of that individual and many such monuments have withstood the elements of weather and time. So this web site on Gr...


  • Winter Time Photo Scanning

    Feb 8

    This just might be the opportune time to get some scanning of the family collection of photos done. If you have put it off in the past, make the time now before you discover there is nothing left to scan. Even if you have many of the images already scanned there still might be the ones you skipped over earlier or new ones you have acquired in th...


  • Transcriptions of Newspaper Articles

    Feb 6

    A web site titled 'Newspaper Abstracts' can be of assistance to the researcher, especially with the older, sometimes difficult to read newspapers. With the numerous online sites carrying scanned images of whole newspaper pages it can hard in some cases to locate the family surname or location on the page. Some site highlight in yellow the keyword s...


  • Archives with Georgia State University

    Feb 4

    In the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia is Georgia State University with its Library Digital Collections. It has online a variety of manuscripts, photos, documents and records for anyone with family ties to the Atlanta and surrounding areas. Many resources also apply to anywhere in Georgia. One of the best collections are the photos from t...


  • 100th Anniversary of a Town / City

    Feb 3

    Every year there are countless celebrations and anniversaries of towns, cities, counties, and historical events across America. Between 2011 and 2015 the country has and will be holding many programs to recount the people and events surrounding the American Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Such programs which include ...


  • African-American Genealogy

    Feb 2

    Using this free online database titled 'Afriquest' with multiple types of records can be quite a resource for those looking into ancestors of African-American heritage. Much of the scanned documents, records and images come are shared by fellow researchers. The type of records and images are not just individual families, but also include collec...


  • Smithsonian Images

    Jan 31

    The Smithsonian Institute has made available 36 major sets of images from their massive collection. The topics covered are as varied as the Smithsonian Museum is itself. Each set is in a folder, label with a title and how many images in each set. Some of the more intriguing topics are Timothy H. O'Sullivan, who first worked with Matthew Brady, t...


  • Postcards of North Carolina

    Jan 29

    Having a collection of postcards from an ancestral hometown state or region can be better than even photos. They are professionally done, can be lessen known or no longer in existence locations and usually there is some description to each. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has online a super collection of postcard images for the ...


  • Vast Archive Collections in State of Washington

    Jan 27

    Luckily for the family history researcher many of the treasures held by individual state archives are going online to be shared around the world. The State of Washington has quite a varied collection of items open to all to view.  On the site a listing titled “Digital Collections” with a description can be read as you scroll down with about 14...


  • Massachusetts Vital, Ship and 18th Century Archives

    Jan 25

    With the state of Massachusetts having such a long history, there are many chances you will have at least one ancestors from the Colony of Massachusetts or the state. Also because the Port of Boston was a major arriving destination for thousands of immigrants, there is an increased chance of ancestors from this region. The State of Massachusett...


  • Any Ancestors in Federal Prisons?

    Jan 23

    Yes, that could be a possibly, a relative who was tried in a US Federal Court, found guilty and had to serve their sentence in a Federal operated prison could be on your family tree. A Federal crime could involved embezzlement, espionage, drugs, forgery, bank robbery, counterfeiting money, a crime on the high seas, crime against US Post Office, ass...


  • Panoramic Photographs

    Jan 21

    There is nothing like soaring over an area to get that 'bird's eye view'. That experience is very possible in an airplane, hot air balloon or glider. However, to have that aerial view of a hometown, city or area say in 1920 or 1900 or 1890 is impossible. The Library of Congress Panoramic Photographic Collection does offer that experience in imag...


  • Newspapers of Farm, Field and Fireside

    Jan 19

    Living out on the Great Plains of America or any rural region was an isolated and many times a lonesome lifestyle. Yet, this was the type of everyday existence that many of our ancestors experienced for decades. With the advancement of the railway system, telegraphs, roads, mail delivery, telephones, and then vehicles such as autos, the rural fami...


  • York Co. PA and Neighboring Cemeteries

    Jan 17

    The areas of York County, Adams County and Cumberland County in Pennsylvania along with Carroll County in Maryland are all neighboring counties and have an long history of settlement. Many residents over the decades moved back and forth from one county to another. They also had their children and grandchildren resettle from York County to Carroll...


  • Nebraska Newspapers

    Jan 15

    Having the local newspapers from your ancestor's hometown is a great method to learn about the town, occupations, news events, social events and maybe a mention of your actual relative. The University of Nebraska at Lincoln has placed online in digital format a massive collection of the state's newspapers. With material also from the Nebraska State...


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