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  • Celebrate American Family Day

    Aug 5

    The American Family dates back to the Native American Indians that once covered the North American continent.  In 1620 the ship, Mayflower, brought families to settle in a strange wild new land at Plymouth Rock along the Atlantic coast.  There would continue for hundreds of years that same tradition of having whole families start fresh in a new l...


  • Investigating Land Records

    Aug 3

    Settling on one’s own property, homesteading as it is also known is the American dream.  However, do you know what pieces of property your ancestors applied for and eventually acquired?  Countless people have applied for and received millions of acres of land over the decades, dating back to the 1820s. The United States General Land Office h...


  • That’s an Occupation?

    Aug 1

    So many things of an individual’s life can change not only over their own lifetime, but also over a couple generations. Nothing is truer than the change of terms for certain occupations. You can easily come across an occupation on a census document, social security application, pension record or journal and have no idea what that type of job enta...


  • John Punch / Bunch – Obama’s Kin

    Jul 31

    Many expert genealogists have worked for years to try and piece together the family history of U. S. President Barack Obama. It has not been an easy task considering one side of the family (his mother) has a long family history in North America and the other side (his father) comes from Kenya in the continent of Africa. You may feel your lineage ha...


  • Get Your Kids Ready for a Family Reunion

    Jul 30

    My kids and I are headed to Texas this week for a family reunion. I am beyond excited. The last time I was in Texas, my oldest was about 18 months old. Now, I have added two more kids to my family that have never met my Texas relatives. I have a grandmother in Texas, and lots of Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. None of them have met my two boys, and my ...


  • What’s New in New Brunswick, New Jersey?

    Jul 30

    That is a lot of ‘new’ for anyone. However, that is what is happening online with the New Brunswick Public Library by placing all types of historical and genealogical collections online.  You wouldn’t necessarily need to have an ancestor from New Brunswick, or the county of Middlesex, it could be anywhere in New Jersey or even nearby New Yor...


  • Internet Archive

    Jul 28

    The best aspect of the World-Wide Web over the last 20 years has been the instant availability of all types of data, photos, notes, records, documents, newspapers, magazines, etc. at our finger tips.  This great revolution in technology is not just a wonderful asset for family history researchers, but of course for any field of knowledge. There is...


  • 1948 London Olympics

    Jul 26

    The 2012 Summer Olympics, officially the Games of the XXX Olympiad, begin in London, England on July 27  and run to August 12, 2012.  British citizens have been in full swing  preparing for the thousands of visitors, from participates to the spectators, from across the globe at the Olympics in London. For many people of Great Britain they sti...


  • Cousin’s Day and Aunt/Uncle Day

    Jul 24

    Yes, there is a recognized day to remember our cousins which is July 24th.  This is followed on July 26th with Aunt / Uncle Day.  Anyone working on their family history is generally familiar with their cousins and the siblings of their parents (aunts and uncles). The nice thing about cousins is that they are of your same generation.  They are...


  • Honoring Parents Day – 4th Sunday of July

    Jul 22

    We all have parents, whether we knew them all our life or not.  Many stepparents or even grandparents have needed to take the place of some biological parents for different reasons.  The 4th Sunday of every July is set aside to honor our parents collectively. This is a national recognized day, not as big as Mother’s or Father’s day, but ra...


  • Können Sie Lesen Deutsch?

    Jul 20

    In your family history research you may well come across a family document, letter, record, photo or even a cemetery headstone written in a language other than English.  If you can read multiple languages, no problem, but if you do not read other languages you need to translate these valuable records. One method is to ask assistance of someone,...


  • Photos of Boston and Around

    Jul 18

    Just coming online and available for everyone to view is the mesmerizing photographic collection done by Leslie Jones, who worked as a camera man for the Boston Herald-Traveler newspaper from 1917 to 1956.  He amassed some 34,000 images of everyday life in the Boston, Massachusetts and surrounding areas for decades.  He documented all types of ev...


  • Check Out the Siblings

    Jul 16

    There you are looking for a great grandfather, born about 1858 in Pennsylvania, of which you have traced to the 1860 U. S. Census, then the 1870 census, but now you can’t find him beyond that date. Did he as a young man in the 1870s move to another location, serve in the U. S. military, or even end up in jail? This is your immediate ‘Brick Wall...


  • Find A Grave

    Jul 14

    If you have not tried using the Internet site ‘Find A Grave’ make sure you add that right away to your ‘to-do’ list.  It is maintained by volunteers who set up a memorial to family members, friends or even strangers who have passed away.  What information including photos placed on the memorial can be shared with people around the globe. ...


  • Military Personnel Records in St. Louis, Missouri

    Jul 12

    Many people assume that all military pension and service records are located at the National Archives or the Library of Congress in Washington, D. C.   In fact it is the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington that hold the very old military records including pension applications. For those persons who served in the U. S. Army, ...


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