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  • Using ‘GermanRoots’ Web Site

    May 31

    The web site, GermanRoots has a listing of many individuals and families who left different sections of Germany and resettled in other parts of the world; some in America, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. It is call emigration when a person selects to leave their homeland.  The records in the various databases can provide information on the perso...


  • Crossing ‘The Hump’ – the Daring Pilots of WW II

    May 30

    There are many people unaware of some of the daring missions that American and other Allied airmen had to make countless times during the course and aftermath of World War II.  This Memorial Day is an excellent opportunity to learn about some of dangerous flights made by pilots in the military, some who may have been relatives. Remember air flight...


  • Cadet Nursing Corps

    May 29

    After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, everyone on the home front within the United States wanted to know how they could help. More than likely it was your own grandparents, great grandparents, an uncle or aunt who did they part in the war effort.  Many young men joined the military service as did many women signing up for the WAC (Wom...


  • Connecticut in Pictures and Stories

    May 27

    This state might be small in land size and population, but Connecticut has been at the heart of most of America’s history through its diverse people. A free online collection titled ‘Connecticut History Online’ provides a digital of the land, its resources, its events and people. If you ever had any ancestors from Connecticut for the last 200...


  • Memorial Day Research

    May 26

    The Memorial Day weekend would be an excellent opportunity to either jump start your family history research or spend a little extra time on those family lines or individuals that need some of the gaps of information filled in. It is amazing what can be accomplished with just a couple hours of time. A few suggestions would include to sort and labe...


  • Database of Mormon Pioneers

    May 25

    A major emigration of settlers traveled across the Great Plains and into the Far West of the United States between 1847 and 1868 to help establish homes and new communities in the Salt Lake Valley. Most of these new arrivals were followers of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) seeking a new land to live their lives and practice their rel...


  • Passport Images

    May 23

    If you have a passport photo, it is no doubt on the same level as your driver’s license photo -- poor and unflattering at best!  Of course if that was the only image of you at a certain period of time or the only image at all, it would be priceless to a relative who did not have any photo of you.  This is the case with thousands of passport ima...


  • 108-Year-Old Family Treasure in a Museum

    May 21

    It happens, family collections, heirlooms, treasures are passed from generation to generation for decades until it may reach a time, there are no more descendants to receive the family items. This was the case for the Louis C. McFarlan family of Chester Co., Pennsylvania. Working as a genealogist and historian, I assist the local Stuart, Florida h...


  • Surprises Going Through Old Newspapers

    May 19

    They may have been originally meant to be discarded once they were read, but having the availability of old newspapers, either in print or digital format, has proved to be a super resource in doing one’s family history.  The newspaper, from small town to the cities, has continued to serve as a window into the community, the state, nation and lif...


  • Jewish Refugees and Others Databases

    May 17

    Using the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Archives site that is online can be superb resource for providing copies of documents, records, information and photos of the overseas rescue, relief and rehabilitation  of the thousands of displaced Jewish families and individuals. The entire archive has thousands of documents, books, audio r...


  • Why My Ancestors Still Immigrated Even After 1912

    May 15

    I have long thought about how very brave and determined our ancestors were to continue crossing the Atlantic in the months and years immediately after the sinking of the RMS Titanic in April 1912.  When I had acquired the ship manifests on several of my father’s family and when they came to resettle from Lancashire County, England to Essex Count...


  • What Have We Learned about 1940?

    May 14

    For most of us, it was over 72 year ago, a whole different world.  With the release of the U. S. Federal Census for April 1940, there have been many discoveries about our relatives.  As more states have been fully indexed, more will be known. Some interesting and fun items about life in 1940 can be learned now. Some of this data came from the ce...


  • Mother’s Day Tribute

    May 13

    Sunday, May 10th is celebrated in the United States as Mother’s Day.  It has gotten a bit too commercialized here since it was started as an official national holiday back in 1914 under the direction of President Woodward Wilson. The concept for this special day was begun by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother and other mothers across the countr...


  • Proof with Fraktur Family Records

    May 11

    For those ancestors of ours who settled in the 18th and 19th centuries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia and Delaware, many were of a German and Swiss heritage, referred to as “Pennsylvania Dutch” or “Pennsylvania German”.  The term Dutch did not mean they were from Holland.  The ‘dutch’ term came from ‘deutsh’ which meant...


  • Oldest Child or Youngest?

    May 9

    Behavioral science has long been studying the birth order of individuals to learn how different one’s personality and chances of success can be based on whether they were an only child, the first born, middle child or the youngest. Many scientists believe parents treat their children different over a period of years, so resultin...


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