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  • Your Ancestor Had Different Colored Eyes?

    Jul 11

    It is always intriguing to learn some new and different aspect about a family relative. The following is not only unique and may be one that you are not familiar with, but there is even a special day set aside in recognition of the natural occurrence, that of July 12th.  The medical term is ‘heterochromia’, it is where an individual is born wi...


  • World Population Day

    Jul 10

    On July 11th annually there is a day to recognize the world’s rapidly increasing population. It was first established by the United Nations’ Governing Council in 1989 as the world’s population was reaching high figures in the billions. The July 11th date was selected because it on was July 11, 1987 that officials estimated the world popula...


  • Get the Most from a Google Search

    Jul 8

    How many times have you put in a key word to search on Google and come up with thousands of selections and after going through 500 plus links you finally come across what you needed?  Countless times I’m sure, but there are a few tips to help you narrow down the search. A reminder is that you need to decide what type of information you are se...


  • Picture Postcards

    Jul 6

    Postcards have been a popular means of sending greetings for decades.  They have not always been just for the tourists on vacation to write back home to say “Wish You Were Here!”.  They have been very artistic and many were done also as photos of the people and places at a certain time. There was a time a person could even have a personal pho...


  • Historical Celebrations & Events on the 4th of July

    Jul 4

    The country marks the 4th of July every year to celebrate America’s independence.  What types of celebrations and significant events on July 4th might our ancestors experienced over the decades? First, not until the independence was won could the new country really rejoice. So the first country-wide party marking the independence was July 4, ...


  • Events that Affected Ancestors on July 2nd

    Jul 2

    It was 236 years ago that things in the colonial America changed forever. Those events in turn changed the lives of so many of our ancestors.  Not just those who lived the times of 1776, but the thousands who were born afterwards in a new country, the United States.  Even greater were those ancestors living in another country who would themsel...


  • Read a Queen’s Journal

    Jun 30

    Such a  treasury is finding and reading an ancestor’s journal or diary. It is like getting the opportunity to speak to them directly.  With a journal they have confined in their writings their deepest thoughts and feelings. One of most well-known historical figures was Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom who ruled from June 1837 until her de...


  • Teach Your Children About Independence Day

    Jun 29

    The Fourth of July is a holiday that most children love. It is full of fireworks, parades, outdoor BBQ's, warm weather, and plenty of family time. But, does your child know what the 4th of July is REALLY for? Do they know that it is part of their American heritage? Do they understand that it is part of their history? Probably not. At least, I know ...


  • Crossing the Border Into Canada

    Jun 29

    It might be surprising, but you just may have several ancestors who originally lived in Canada, our neighbor to the north, during sometime in their lives. This could have happened in the 18th, 19th or 20th centuries. To assist in learning more about any Canadian ancestors the database is making available from now until Monday, July ...


  • Got a Few Memories?

    Jun 28

    You have tried in vein to get the whole family history from your great aunt. You may have attempted to interview her or just have her write out the family story, but to no avail. Well, that could just be too massive a project, at least to begin with. Another approach would be to have that special relative talk about just one memory.  Just one shar...


  • Collect Ancestral Signatures

    Jun 26

    A really interesting collection to have with your family history are the signatures of your ancestors. Not all of your relatives will have available signatures because mostly they did not know how to read or write. Those are the ones who simply had to sign their name with an ‘X’, known as making their mark, were then witnessed by someone who di...


  • Transcribe Old Documents

    Jun 24

    As you gather the vital records, letters, diaries and journals there are a couple things you should do.  If you have the scanning equipment, do a scan of the complete document and label the image. Keep those in a computer folder for the family lineage it belongs to. You will find you want to refer back to information on that document several times...


  • Tips When Searching for an Elusive Ancestor

    Jun 22

    Oh, we all will have one or more elusive, hard to locate ancestors in our genealogical journey. One where you might have a name and their relationship (aunt, uncle etc), but that is about it on information.  For females it can be even more problematical with just their married name and no maiden name known. So the following are a few tips or sugge...


  • Learning of an Ancestor’s Civil War Regiment

    Jun 20

    Keeping journals and diaries besides the countless letters written by the soldiers, both Confederate and Union sides during the American Civil War, has been an excellent resource for researchers which can cover information about a soldier’s life, including the battles and camp life.  If you have located such a journal written by a relative, you ...


  • Available Free Charts and Forms

    Jun 18

    Being organized is the real key being successful and pleased with your family history research.  If you feel you are getting no where or ‘spinning your wheels’ without much success, it just may be that you need some orderliness in your pursue of your family lineage. Anyone who done genealogy for any length of time will confirm that you have...


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